The Bride of the Water God Episode 16 Recap/Review

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Welcome to the recap/review of “The Bride of the Water God” episode 16. The final episode! Let’s see if the ending is going to surprise me. I’d be delighted if it would. Last episode Yeom Mi finally figured out the meaning of the dream. So Ah is going to die. But will Habaek let her? Let’s find out!

So Ah will be taken away by the deity who will save her life. But it is not Habaek as Yeom Mi initially thought. He finally revealed himself in her dream.


To her surprise, she sees a picture of him in So Ah’s living room. It is So Ah’s father. The door bell rings. It’s Joo Dong who has finally returned. Habaek orders Yeom Mi to leave. The time So Ah and he have left is short. Yeom Mi isn’t willing to leave so easily. If her dream comes true…So Ah interrupts her. She was wrong. It was only just a dream. Her father never saved her. And never will.

Joo Dong has found the remnants of the tablet. He’ll have to reassemble it. Habaek tells him to do so at Moo Ra’s place. He wants to be alone with So Ah. They only have 6 days left. Joo Dong makes sure that the future King doesn’t have the intention of staying. Nothing good will come of that. So Ah is looking at the picture of her and her dad when Habaek and Joo Dong enter. Joo Dong is bidding his goodbye but after a look the photograph, he asks her with a sigh, if she still hasn’t found him. So Ah denies. He then asks her if she wants to. So Ah is stunned. Does she want to find her father? Habaek pulls Joo Dong out of the house before he can do anything else to So Ah’s unstable heart. When Habaek walks back to her, he takes the picture of her dad and puts it into the frame. She shouldn’t hide her feelings for her father anymore.

“Saying you’ve forgotten someone means the opposite. Saying you hate someone means that you don’t actually hate that person. A part of your heart stays intact even when everything falls apart. When you lie it’s so obvious.”

He hands her the picture frame afterward. He apologizes for not being able to fulfill her one wish, even though he’s a God. So Ah starts to cry. Habaek doesn’t stop. He tells her to find her father after he left. Even if he’s the worst person in the world. She needs to receive her answer and leave her self-constructed cage of darkness.  It would drive him crazy to know that she’s still in it after he left.

Moo Ra tries to harass Bi Ryeom to check on Habaek to make sure that he’s going to leave. Luckily Joo Dong saves him from endless discussions and confirms that Habaek has no other plans. Bi Ryeom asks Joo Dong about the tablet. But he hasn’t found it yet. Humans have it. How is that possible? Humans can’t see it, Bi Ryeom answer. Some, can is the vague answer they receive from Joo Dong. Dropping the topic, he asks them to spend the night at their apartment.

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He calls Nam Soo Ri, to let him into So Ah’s house, but Nam Soo Ri has to work to earn lots of money for his master. They disconnect and Nam Soo Ri is surprised by Yeom Mi standing suddenly next to him. She came to ask for his help. Nam Soo Ri is skeptical. Is she sure that she doesn’t harbor any bad feelings towards So Ah? Yeom Mi thinks it has to do with her skills being not developed enough. She needs Nam Soo Ri’s help. She warms up her lips, forcing Nam Soo Ri to flee as fast as his legs can carry him.

So Ah went up to wake up Habaek in the morning. He’s still asleep, though this is not a normal occurrence. She turns to leave.

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So Ah prepared a present for Habaek. It’s a dark blue suit. Of all the things he’s ever worn, it’s the most fitting for him, she says. She wants him to wear it on their dates. The date they promised to have. Eat, have fun, go shopping. Leave the car behind and take the bus and the subway. Soon after the two leave together.

The two love birds play catch on a bridge. Habaek in his dark blue suits chases a squeamish So Ah in a bright pink dress. As bright as the lollipops they are having. When they wait for the bus, they play stone – scissors – paper to pass the time. Habaek is horrible at it and as punishments, he receives forehead flicks and hits on the wrist from a smiling So Ah. They walk along the river and share tea with the sound of cicadas in the background. Afterward, they go to a restaurant where they serve cold noodles as a specialty. So Ah wants to show Habaek that he has one less thing to worry about. She will get rid of her distaste for cold food. She hesitates at first but then lifts the bowl and takes a big sip. She puts it down, looks up at him, smiling and says that it wasn’t that bad. Habaek smiles at her as well and wipes some leftover soup of her upper lip.

They finish their meal and for the first time, So Ah calls Habaek by his name. She’s never done so before. She was afraid that her true feelings for him would show if she’d call his name. But she isn’t afraid anymore. She asks Habaek to play rock – paper – scissors against the restaurant owner. If they win, he’ll draw them for free.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 16_3
Habaek wins and So Ah has a surprise for him
Bride of the Water God_Episode 16_4
The Bride of the Water God

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Joo Dong visits Hoo Ye. Hoo Ye expresses his apologies toward Joo Dong, but he brushes it away. It was an accident and doesn’t matter. He is much more interested in the man who was there to save Hoo Ye back then. That man was the same man who saved Joo Dong and brought him to the hospital. Does Hoo Ye know anything about him? Where he went? Hoo Ye tells him that that man wanted to go and visit the grave of his wife. And he said he needed to meet his daughter. The name of the man was Yoon Seong Joon. Joo Dong arrives at So Ah’s house. He asks her what she did during the night of December 20th, 2004. Does she not remember? Maybe she keeps journals? Habaek

Joo Dong arrives at So Ah’s house. He asks her what she did during the night of December 20th, 2004. Does she not remember? Maybe she keeps journals? Habaek drags Joo Dong upstairs. He requests to know, why Joo Dong wants to know. Joo Dong explains that this is also the day he went missing. And that the man who brought him to the hospital must have taken his tablet. This man is So Ah’s father. He took the tablet with the means of giving it back to Joo Dong, but the tablet fulfilled the earnest wish of So Ah’s father, another servant of the gods. He wanted to meet his daughter. Joo Dong wants to know where So Ah went for that reason. Her father must have appeared there as well. Habaek is shocked by the implication of this new discovery. Habaek sends Joo Dong to the bridge. The bridge from which So Ah jumped to kill herself on the 20th of December 2004. Joo Dong can sense her father in the river. He is there. He calls Habaek to confirm it.

Habaek is devastated and walks down the stairs. So Ah is sitting at the kitchen table. Cheerfully she plans their date while conversing with Yoong Yoong. An arcade, street food, sharing ear phone buds to listen to music. When she sees Habaek she tells him, that he’s right. She’s going to look for her father. It’s better to leave the past behind. Habaek tells her with a grave voice, that he has to leave for a short while. He has to take care of something. So Ah is surprised and protests. They don’t have much time left. Habaek says that he won’t take long, so she agrees. Habaek arrives at the Hangang. Joo Dong points to where Yoon Seong Joon is located and the Water God decides to get him out of the river himself. He jumps in. So Ah meanwhile received a call from Hoo Ye who asked to meet her. He, of course, figured out everything. That the man was So Ah’s father and what the tablet is able to do, thanks to Joo Geol Rin. He will tell So Ah the last part of his story. That he was rescued by a person. By a man. Who hugged him and said to “stay calm” and “it’s okay”. He felt the first time the warmth of another person. Thanks to that man, he became human.

Habaek is in front of the house. He’s still wet. He looks up at the house, fearing at what he has to tell So Ah. When he enters, So Ah is standing in front of their drawing, looking at it lovingly. She looks at Habaek and is surprised. He is all wet, does it rain outside? And what’s with this expression? He looks like he’s going to cry. Did his friends not give him any money again? It’s ok, they don’t need it. That’s when Habaek tells So Ah, that he found him. Her father. About the tablet. And its powers.

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So Ah tells Habaek, that her father can’t swim. She collapses at the riverside. Why? She screams out loud. Why did he have to do this to her? She begs for her father to come out of the water. Tears streaming down her face. She turns to Habaek, holding on to his leg, begging him to save her father. Her father can’t die like this. Habaek kneels down to her, laying an arm comforting around her. Habaek please, you’re a God. Please save my father she asks him through sobs. But Habaek can’t bring back the dead. It’s not within his powers. So Ah realizes that her father was the one to save her. Her father died because of her. It was her fault. Without her, he would still be alive. It was all her fault. Even after he saved her, she resented him, spewed vile accusations at him, she hated him. But I killed him, she screams out. She gets up. She has to go to her father. He doesn’t want to come out because he’s resenting her.

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The other gods are horrified about this tragedy. Nam Soo Ri breaks out in tears. Will So Ah be alright? But why couldn’t he get the body out, Moo Ra asks? Presumably, it’s the tablet, which also kept So Ah’s father conserved, Joo Dong tells her. Habaek left it there, to not destroy Yoon Seong Joon’s body.

Habaek watched the whole night over So Ah. He battles with the knowledge that he failed the one person he loves. Nam Soo Ri enters the room in the morning. The other gods have come to see him. Moo Ra and Bi Ryeom have also tried to lift the body out of the river, but with no result. The body is still at the bottom of the river. Habaek tells them that So Ah is determined to get him out herself. So he has to do something. Moo Ra scolds him. She won’t allow it. Doesn’t he remember? She knows from a sigh how he feels. She knows, that he wants to use the magic for the return to the realm of the gods for So Ah. He can’t. The others echo this. He can’t. If he fails to go back, if he fails to become the king, he’ll die. But he wants to keep his promise.

“She said it’s the God’s duty to protect humans. How can I call myself a King if I can’t even protect that woman.”

“Stop with that rubbish. Do you think she’d really want that? If you die, you’ll disappear from the memories of humans. She won’t be even able to remember you at all. She’ll forget all about your existence,” Moo Ra tells him furious.

So Ah enters the rooftop at that moment. She staggers back into the house. Habaek follows her. He tries to explain to her, but she doesn’t want to hear anything. Why would he do something like this to her? How could he even think about it? She hits him, her anger and pain finally finding an outlet. He tries to hold her. She struggles, but in the end, gives in. Am I not your God, he asks. You told me I’m supposed to fulfill the existential wishes of humans. Didn’t he promise her to protect her, Habaek asks, his voice cracking. But So Ah doesn’t want to hear that. She doesn’t want it if it means losing Habaek.

At Bi Ryeom’s apartment, Moo Ra can’t sit still. She is sure that he’ll follow through with his plan. She tries to convince the others to force him to go back. Or to imprison him until then, but Bi Ryeom and Joo Dong won’t do that. He is the future King after all. Mad with anger, Moo Ra accuses Joo Dong of being the one who started this chaos. If he just had never looked into the past. Looked for the tablet. This would never be happening.

Bi Ryeom is the one to talk to So Ah. If Habaek doesn’t become King, then there is no reason for him to exist. He will stop to exist. That’s the rule of nature. That’s why so many deities aren’t remembered by humans. So Ah already understands this. She doesn’t wish for Habaek to sacrifice himself for her. Through Nam Soo Ri, Bi Ryeom tells Habaek that So Ah decided to give up on her wish. Habaek joins her in the living room. He kneels down next to her. He will adhere to her wishes. It was selfish of him to try and follow his own needs. But there is one thing he asks of her. That she’ll cherish her life, even after he’s gone. Her father will be at peace. They leave to see her father. The other gods are uneasy. Something seems off.

At the Hangang river side, So Ah decides it’s time for them to leave. They should just go through with their initial plan. Suddenly Habaek kisses her. It is a passionate kiss. And rough. So Ah tries to break it off. Habaek has never kissed her ever like this. Finally, she succeeds.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 16_8

He hugs So Ah. Is this what you had in mind all the time, she asks him. Did you fool me with those words? How could you do this? His answer is simple. I couldn’t leave knowing that you would try to get your father out of the water. It would kill you. So Ah hits him. I could have had. I could have. What is she going to do now, knowing that he gave his life for her? But Habaek isn’t interested in that discussion. It’s time for her to meet her father. Now, with his powers, she can. So Ah doesn’t want to. She wants to stay. At this moment, the other gods materialize. With one look at Habaek, they know what he did. Moo Raa seeks comfort in Bi Ryeom’s arms. Even Bi Ryeom is saddened by what his frenemy did. Habaek and So Ah both together walk into the river to retrieve the body. As soon as So Ah touches her father, the seal around him collapses and she is able to pull him up.

So Ah buries him in a forest graveyard. She promises to reconnect him soon with her mother. Clad in black, she turns to Habaek. He hugs her and she tells him, that she’s going to forgive him. She’s going to resent him. Hate him. But she’s going to fix everything. Habaek is confused. What does she mean? The other gods approach them. Moo Ra tells him, that the servant of the gods is quite intelligent, but even after she does this, Moo Ra still won’t forgive her. So Ah is going to use the tablet to send Habaek back. So that he can become King. So that he can live. Joo Dong places the seal in her hand, when out of nowhere, the High Priest appears, dressed in a nice fitting suit. He has a mischievous smile on his face. He comes often to the human realm, didn’t Joo Dong tell them?

Bride of the Water God_Episode 16_9

So what are you doing here, the High Priest would like to know. Moo Ra is the one to tell him, even though she’d rather not retell the tale. And now you’d like to use your wish for him? That would be useless. He completed his mission. He can return. He has the answer as to why the guardian stones are hidden in the human realm.

“How can a deity save the world if he or she can’t even save a human?,” answers Habaek the High Priest.

The gods are shocked. Is that truly the answer? The High Priest advises So Ah with a smile to use her wish on something more valuable. He reminds Habaek, that he still has to return before he dematerializes. So Ah makes her wish. She wishes for Habaek to stay with her until she dies. Habaek’s eyes fill with tears. The other gods leave. So Ah and Habaek hug each other. They tell each other that they love each other. The High Priest approaches Hoo Ye, who has been watching the godly get together from afar. The High Priest tells him that with this good deed, his next life should be fine. Hoo Ye answers that he only wanted to help So Ah. He provided So Ah with information, the decision she made herself. Flabbergasted by his rudeness, the High Priest introduces himself. Hoo Ye answer that he is Shin Yu He the former deity of fire. The High Priest asks Hoo Ye to teach him how to use fire and he answers with a smile to come see him. With a last look at the couple, Hoo Ye turns away. The High Priest returns to the clearing to pick up Habaek and return to the water country. Habaek promises So Ah to come back soon.

Shin Ja Ya meets up with Secretary Min. She finally figured out, how to become a decent person. With a smug smile, she hands him three plans for different foundations she wants to form: parentless children, the elderly and single mothers. Secretary Min has a different approach. He hands her an empty paper and a pen. She should fill it with the names of those, she needs to apologize to and their signatures if they accept her apology. If she does well, they might even become friends.

So Ah is back on the bridge. She holds a white flower in her hand and throws it into the river. She falls into the river, water all around her. But that is just an image in her head. Bi Ryeom who approaches her with Moo Ra, tells her off. Habaek won’t come to save her if she’d jump into the river. A small smile on Moo Ra’s face forms. Shall she tell So Ah some news? Habaek won’t be coming back. So Ah is surprised. Did a messenger arrive, she asks. No, Moo Ra answers. I’m a goddess, I know. Moo Ra decides to leave. Bi Ryeom smirks at So Ah before he follows her. He puts his arm around her waist and pulls her close, asking her to forget all about them and talk about something else. Did she really not like any of the rings?

At her clinic, Nurse Yoo informs her, that Hyung Sik (his best friend) and he decided to marry. So Ah tells him off for going too fast, but he doesn’t care. Love is just about being together. Hyung Sik enters the clinic sheepishly. She and So Ah aren’t on the best terms, but she still came to greet her. On her way home, So Ah tells Yeom Mi about the whole thing. It’s so sudden, but she can’t even persuade him to change his mind. Before she can talk any further, there is someone catching her eyes. There he is. Standing at his favorite spot. Waiting for her. The phone in her hand doesn’t matter when she approaches him. He’s back. But why did it take him so long? The process for deferring the throne is rather complicated, a grinning Habaek tells her. They hug and then turn to enter the house.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 16_11

And they lived happily ever after. Until So Ah died. And Habaek was heartbroken. The end. This was the last episode of “The Bride of the Water God”. General thoughts/ feelings/ impressions?

The writing was all over the place. They dropped story lines, hinted at things (So Ah was supposed to die), conveniently changed circumstances (so now Habaek can easily change the ascension of the throne?). The biggest, biggest problem of this episode which made me yell at my screen, was that our Water God wanted to sacrifice himself for a dead body. A DEAD body. Yeah, why? Because So Ah would definitely go and get it. She never heard anything about diving equipment I assume. I mean, you can do lots and lots of things, but this was just a hilarious bad reason for him to sacrifice himself. In general, the writing wasn’t the soundest throughout the whole show. But especially this episode, I could feel how they dragged me from one emotional plot point to the other. Feel girl, feel they’d whisper. Maybe I’m too stone hearted, but the only time my heart clenched was when So Ah’s dad screamed her name and when the other gods arrived at the riverside and realized what Habaek did.

Is it a happy ending to make everyone happy? Yes, it is. Do I mind? Honestly, even though I did the recap, I’m not as invested as maybe I should be? I just have so many problems with it from a story writing point. This had so much potential to become a great fantasy drama, but sadly it was wasted in my eyes. Maybe one day, someone will make a movie out of “The Bride of the Water God” or they sell the rights to a Chinese company.

I think I might write a general review about the whole series. But all of it has to settle a little bit as of now, all of it is still very fresh. But hey, no reason to hold back with your own opinion. Let me know in the comments down below what you thought of the finale.

As always thanks for reading.

Your fellow drama-addict,



The Bride of the Water God Episode 15 Recap/Review

Bride of the Water God_Episode 1_2

Welcome to the recap/review of “The Bride of the Water God” episode 15. Last episode So Ah and Habaek watched the sunset together. Not much time is left, let’s see how they spend the rest of it!

Bride of the Water God_Episode 15_1
We start the episode with a reminder of what still needs to happen

The sun has set. So Ah shares another memory from that unhappy day, she and her parents spent at the beach. She asks Habaek what he thinks was most important to her father. Habaek remembers that So Ah’s ultimate wish was neither money nor riches. She wanted to meet her father and ask him why he left them. How he could do that to them. Habaek asks her if she ever looked for him. So Ah denies. What would she do if she found out that he was living in Korea all this time? So Ah nods when Habaek asks her if meeting her father is still her biggest wish. They are quiet on the ride home, their hands linked together comfortably. As they approach their home, So Ah expresses how wonderful it is that they live together. They don’t have to say goodbye in the evening. That’s why most people want to get married, she explains to Habaek. So they can stay with the person they love. Does the concept of marriage exist in the realm of the gods, she asks Habaek. There is and there isn’t, he answers, cryptically.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 15_2
Lady Yuhwa is Habaek’s daughter. Which he doesn’t know about. Maybe gods are forgetful in the children – remembering – area?

So Ah isn’t able to let the topic drop yet. When she brings Habaek his cup of water, like the good servant she is, So Ah asks if polygamy is a common practice. The answer is disturbing to her. Yes. Habaek is unfazed by her state of shock and orders another cup of water. And another. And another. He continues until So Ah finally asks him what’s going on. He tells her that he wants to spend more time with her. Nam Soo Ri is working the whole night. They’ll be alone. He slowly moves closer to So Ah. When he’s just centimeters away from her, he snatches the TV remote from the coffee table. He wants to watch TV with her. Disappointed, So Ah sits down on the couch, while Habaek turns the TV on. He motions for her to rest her head on his lap.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 15_4

So Ah suggests to Habaek to cook for her. If she had his abilities, she would cook every day, before she had to leave. This makes her wonder when the water ghost is going to go back. When she finds out, that he will receive a message, it turns her expression melancholic. The message could arrive anytime. Even tomorrow. She asks Habaek, how he is going to cope with this. She herself has only 40 or 50 years more. But he’ll live forever. So Ah makes a wish:

“Can I be greedy? Can I ask you to remember me for as long as you can?”

Habaek gently moves forward, his hand on her shoulder and places a soft kiss on her temple. So Ah awakes on the living room floor the next morning. She and Habaek spend the night together. She follows noises into the kitchen. And there he is: cutting onions and tofu. A smile spreads on So Ah’s face as she watches him cook. She clears her expression, before interrupting Habaek by asking what he’s doing. He tries to avoid having to admit that she indeed persuaded him, but in the end, he loses against So Ah’s teasing strategy. When Habaek finishes the preparations, So Ah is greeted by an impressive breakfast. Rice, sunny side up eggs, a grilled fish, stew and multiple side dishes were prepared by the hands of the Water God. So Ah sits down. Deeply moved she stares at the food. Even after Habaek tells her to start eating, she can only utter that this is how it feels when someone cooks for you. Habaek reaches over and takes So Ah’s spoon. The spoon is placed in her hand. She looks up at him. She smiles and they begin to eat. But almost instantly, they are interrupted by the doorbell.

Hoo Ye brought So Ah her keys to the clinic. Habaek isn’t amused. He wanted to spend some quality time with So Ah. But the Water God knows his manners and invites Hoo Ye to their breakfast table. Hoo Ye is impressed by the cooking and compliments So Ah for it. Habaek corrects him mere seconds later. So Ah is a terrible cook. He prepared the food. And to mark his territory, he reveals, even more, facts about So Ah.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 15_5

Pleased with himself, Habaek leans back in his chair. Hoo Ye has received the fighting invitation and starts an attack of his own. He finally tells So Ah that he is her new landlord. So Ah is overjoyed and grateful toward him. Which makes Habaek angry. Hoo Ye shows off that he has money. He’s a building owner. Habaek might know things, but he has not the assets of being of help to So Ah. Habaek yells out that he is a King. A King! Which earns him no reaction from Hoo Ye, but a stunned look from So Ah. After the breakfast, Hoo Ye looks around So Ah’s house, while she’s busy in the kitchen. Once again, after picking up a picture of Yeom Mi and So Ah during their time as interns, he asks So Ah if they really never met before. So Ah denies. As far as she can remember, they haven’t.

Habaek stomps down the stairs and cuts off Hoo Ye’s next question. He won’t give Hoo Ye an opportunity while he’s there. Habaek sits down. It is time for the tea. That’s the rule in his house. Hoo Ye has to abide. He sits down. Habaek orders So Ah to make them tea. So Ah is surprised by his patriarchal behavior but complies. She serves them and leaves to continue with the dirty dishes. Hoo Ye compliments the two of them for being a lovely couple. Habaek has no interest in this game at all and tells Hoo Ye that he has no chance with his woman. Hoo Ye answers that he is good at waiting. Habaek belittles him. Nothing will sway So Ah and soon he will realize that this lifetime of his was wasted. Hoo Ye is impressed by his confidence. But time is on his side. And money. Shall they see which one is more powerful in this world? A king or a building owner?

Hoo Ye prepares to leave but asks So Ah if she remembers her upcoming shift at the farm. He scolds her lightly when she admits that she has indeed forgotten. Habaek tries to rescue her from another devilish plan of Hoo Ye’s. But he’s not aware of the deal So Ah made to break the contract of the sale of the “Land of the Gods”. As money is the only thing which could help So Ah out of the arrangement, Habaek calls Moo Ra. But she disconnects the second he mentions money. Still, in bed, Moo Ra is already annoyed by Habaek’s behavior. Bi Ryeom enters her room and sits down on her bed, carefully placing a tray on it.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 15_6
Bi Ryeom wonders if he’ll ever reach his goal

Moo Ra kicks Bi Ryeom out of her room. While contemplating his goal and Moo Ra’s stubbornness, he receives a call from Habaek, which he quickly ends, by lying about a full schedule and a promised recall. Habaek is not amused by the behavior of his subjects. Repercussions will be in order when they return to the realm of the gods. One will be turned into a saury. The other into a sparrow. He turns to the only person which proved his worth. Nam Soo Ri. He encourages him to make lots and lots of money. Of course, Nam Soo Ri promises to. He also tells Habaek that Joo Dong called. The Water God should wait for his return. He would have called Habaek directly, but Moo Ra informed him that he wasn’t allowed to, as Habaek might ask him for money. Habaek is not pleased by this.

Yeom Mi still hasn’t let go of the premonitory dream she has. So Ah said he saved her. Then why was there a “but”? What was she going to say after that? Nam Soo Ri comes in for his shift at Yeom Mi’s office. She discusses the problem with him, but is slightly, just slightly distracted by Nam Soo Ri’s plush lips. Disturbed by her stare, Nam Soo Ri places his hands on his lips. Yeom Mi blurts out why he had to do this but doesn’t expect an answer. She calls So Ah to see if she’s doing fine and also tries to bully her into finally giving up her relationship with Habaek. It’s doomed anyway. Who would want to go through the heartbreak, just to break up? So Ah defends their relationship and leaves Yeom Mi hanging.

Bi Ryeom meets Habaek at a cafe. Habaek tries to convince Bi Ryeom to give him money, by promising him to pay him interest back. As money isn’t worth anything in the realm of the gods, Habaek would fulfill other wishes. Jokingly, he requests for Habaek to give up the throne. Anyway, it’s not like he can give Habaek any money. He follows the orders of the woman he loves and Moo Ra wouldn’t be delighted if he did give Habaek money. He might be a pushover, but he doesn’t care. Habaek turns to leave, but Bi Ryeom has an agenda of his own. What kind of woman is Moo Ra, he asks Habaek sheepishly.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 15_7
Even if her opponent is her future king, Moo Ra knows no mercy

Habaek thinks he’s an exception. Their relationship is beyond this stage. Bi Ryeom tells him laughingly that he was wrong to come to Habaek for this. He doesn’t know her at all. Before he can leave, Habaek declares that he knows why Bi Ryeom asked. He wants to know what Moo Ra thinks of him.

“You don’t know anything, yet you know everything. You know everything, yet you don’t know anything.” Bi Ryeom is flabbergasted.

“That’s how I’m different from you guys.”

“Fine you’re right. You’re so elusive. No one can ever know how far you can go.”

“If you pay me, I’ll give you advice.” A confident Habaek answers.

Habaek is fuming back on the way to his house. Bi Ryeom denied him money even though Habaek was promising his services to him. Those heartless punks! He sees So Ah walk up the street and calls her to ask where she is going. Her shift is up at the farm, but Habaek won’t allow it.

His Highness tagged along to the farm. He thinks that his work is worth at least 50 million dollars and Hoo Ye should pay him the amount, minus the cancellation fee for the broken contract. Hoo Ye joins him in digging holes. Finally, Habaek seems to have understood the power of money. But does he really think he has no chance with So Ah if she is rich? There is something, that Habaek will never be able to understand. Because he’s a deity.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 15_8

Hoo Ye leaves Habaek to digging holes and goes off to plant a small tree in another area. So Ah follows him, even though Hoo Ye can see that she wants to check up on the God. But as So Ah says, he’s not a child. Hoo Ye laughs. To hear her say that. To think about Habaek in that way. So Ah inquires if Habaek is really such a big deal in the realm of the gods. Hoo Ye isn’t sure as well, as he wasn’t really a part of it. But Habaek is the only god who can do everything with his powers. Besides two things. Bring back a dead person. And kill. He’s rather impressive Hoo Ye tells So Ah. He’s not even intimated by him. But is So Ah truly alright with this situation? The Water God could be going back anytime? He might be gone when she wakes up tomorrow.

So Ah joins a sweating, digging, cheerful Habaek. He expects the money but would allow a discount. So Ah smiles at that. She is about to pour him a cup of water when he takes the pot out of her hand. So Ah is surprised. He acts so out of character. Shall he show her the vast scope of his chameleon – like charms?

Bride of the Water God_Episode 15_9
When the internet teaches you the meaning of sexy

So Ah isn’t impressed. She grabs a towel and orders Habaek to sit down on a nearby chair. She asks him why he behaves so differently today, while she gently dries his hair. Shouldn’t she have a lot of different memories of him, for those 40 to 50 years she has left? She shouldn’t run out of memories. Habaek pulls her into his arms and hugs her tightly.

“You know that I’m selfish, right? I’m telling you this because I’m selfish. Try your best to not be lonely for as long as you can.”

“I will remember you for a long time.” So Ah answers.

It’s dark when Habaek and So Ah approach their home. So Ah teases Habaek who is awfully quiet. Is it because Hoo Ye didn’t pay him 50 Million Dollar? He promised to pay him 5,000 per day. If he works there 10 days, he’d be able to pay off the fine. They could go there together. She takes his hand. Let’s stay together, she tells him. When they turn around, there is Moo Ra standing in front of the entrance gate. Waiting for Habaek. They approach her. The goddess is the most cheerful she has ever been. She hands Habaek a red envelope, as red as her dress and lips. She made it in regards of the customs of this world. She congratulates him. The sixth red tide has arrived. Habaek should prepare himself to leave. She walks past them but turns around for a second. He hasn’t forgotten what will happen if he doesn’t leave, has he? She leaves without another word.

So Ah prepared a simple dinner, but Habaek isn’t hungry. With glassy eyes, he asks So Ah, why she never asked him to stay. With a sigh, So Ah answers him, that he’d still go, even if she asked him to stay. She knows, that and she is not the kind of woman to hold back a man. He shouldn’t ask her questions like that. Habaek still looks at her, his food untouched.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 15_10

Habaek leaves the table after So Ah’s harsh words. She wonders out loud how he can become king with such a sensitive heart and continues her meal. She chews the rice. Tears slowly roll down her cheeks. Fall down into the rice and mix with it. She starts sobbing. She doesn’t sleep that night.

Moo Ra is still in an awfully cheerful mood. Delivering that message to Habaek raised her spirits. She confides in Bi Ryeom, that for a second she even thought about not telling Habaek about the message. Bi Ryeom doesn’t think that is very amusing. Habaek will die if he doesn’t return. Which is the reason why Habaek isn’t hesitating on returning to water country. She should cut him some slack. But Moo Ra is rather distracted.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 15_11
Of course, she isn’t telling Bi Ryeom that she likes him. Fool.

They are a fan gift. Even if Moo Ra doesn’t like fan gifts, Bi Ryeom is more than willing to take them. He likes everything with her face on it. Moo Ra suddenly turns around and walks into her room. She checks a box on the ground – a box with fan presents – but Bi Ryeom already knows about it. He took some snacks out of it. He innocently asks her why she has it and smiles when she lies about having asked her manager to get rid of it.

“You’re a deity so you don’t need the love of human beings. These pair of socks would feel like a joke to you. You even look down on my diamond gifts. Aren’t I right?”

Moo Ra mumbles an agreement and watches how Bi Ryeom takes the box away.

So Ah gets ready in the morning. She applies makeup and checks with a sad expression her appearance. In the hallway she encounters Habaek. They look at each other until Habaek asks where she is going. Instead of giving him an answer, she asks him if he wants to come with her. They went to the bridge, from which So Ah jumped into the Hangang, trying to commit suicide. She retells the story of what happened after her father left. How she studied harder, to become happy. How she just believed what she wanted to believe, not trying to question her father’s intentions, but just accepting that he abandoned them. How she was even fine after her mother died. Even on that day, she was fine. Until it suddenly hit her.

“When there’s so much love in this world, why didn’t God save any love for me? Why did God leave me out? Why does God only hate me?”

If her father would have picked up the phone back then, she would have believed that God loves her. But he didn’t. So Ah came to the bridge to find out if she had matured and became an adult. She has to say goodbye to a person she loves. Does she still feel like jumping? She turns to Habaek and thanks him for loving her. Habaek slowly pulls her into his arms. So Ah breaks the hug. She tells the man she loves to let’s go home and have lunch.

Shin Ja Ya storms once again into Hoo Ye’s office. Again dark circles mar her face. But this time Hoo Ye isn’t the reason. It’s Secretary Min who kept her up all night. His words of “becoming a decent human being” made no sense to her. She is already a human being, what did he mean by that? Secretary Min pulls her outside to not further embarrass herself and him. But instead of explaining anything to her, Secretary Min is exhausted by her behavior and stupidity. She should try to get a bigger heart and become a decent human being, he says before leaving. Which leaves poor Ja Ya even more baffled than before.

Bi Ryeom continues his use of fan presents. Moo Ra finally shows her true colors and tries to hide the box. But to no avail. Bi Ryeom uses more and more things of the few presents she has left. When she approaches him, Bi Ryeom interrupts her before she can say anything. Is she maybe mad about him using her presents? Of course, she isn’t, she doesn’t even like them. They are from filthy humans, why would she like them? She turns to go back to her room. Bi Ryeom calls after her. She could just ask for the presents being delivered to her again. It doesn’t matter, does it? Moo Ra disappears in her room. But Bi Ryeom is now confident that he knows the way into her heart. He produces another diamond ring out of thin air but gets told to get lost as soon as he enters.

Yeom Mi has finally figured out what will happen to So Ah. She visits her even though it’s already late. She explains her dream again to So Ah. How she thought that So Ah was only bragging about her boyfriend. But now she knows, what So Ah is saying after the ‘but’:

Bride of the Water God_Episode 15_12

That’s it! The end of episode 15. We’re on the finishing line. I skip the review this time as I’m going straight to the next episode. If you enjoyed this episode let me know in the comments below.

As always thanks for reading.

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The Bride of the Water God Episode 14 Recap/Review

Bride of the Water God_Episode 1_2

Welcome to the recap/review of “The Bride of the Water God” episode 14. Last episode Hoo Ye and Bi Ryeom fought, Jin Geon got hurt and Hoo Ye remembered his sin. Who did he kill? Let’s find out!

Moo Ra and Habaek materialized at the clearing to hear Bi Ryeom’s accusation of killing someone. Moo Ra is the one to figure out who he killed. Mo Myeong. Bi Ryeom isn’t done yet though. Didn’t Hoo Ye say, that he wasn’t a liar? That he was far superior to that? But he lied about this. Seething, Bi Ryeom gets up and walks toward him. For the last 1.200 years, he imagined all the ways he could kill him.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 14_1

Habaek stops Bi Ryeom. It’s enough. Without a word, Bi Ryeom teleports away, leaving Moo Ra, Habaek and a shocked Hoo Ye in the clearing.

Moo Ra and Habaek took Jin Geon to Bi Ryeom’s apartment. Moo Ra is trying to reach him, but he’s not picking up. There are so many questions left. How did he and Hoo Ye meet? What cave was he talking about? Habaek can’t answer any of them. He is more concerned about Jin Geon’s health. Moo Ra shares that it seems that Hoo Ye didn’t use his full power. Otherwise, Jin Geon wouldn’t survive. Habaek inquires about Mo Myeong. Who is he? He was the twin brother of Jin Geon, Moo Ra answers. Like Bi Ryeom’s shadow. By Ryeom was very fond of him. She should have realized that something was wrong when she didn’t see him anymore. Habaek shouldn’t feel guilty, as him and Bi Ryeom were never close. But why couldn’t he tell her what happened? And how could Hoo Ye use his powers? She never thought he’d be able to do this.

Hoo Ye is leaning against a pillar in his garden shed. His own words haunt him. His memories of what happened in the cave 1.200 years ago haunt him. As do Bi Ryeom’s words.

2017-08-16 (2)

So Ah connected all the dots. Hoo Ye must be a god as well. Just as she was about to call him, Habaek enters the living room. He tries to dismiss the earlier abduction as a prank. But So Ah has no interest in that anymore. She asks him straight away if Hoo Ye is also a god. Habaek answers that he’s not like them. He’s not happy about So Ah’s interest. But So Ah keeps going. Things which Hoo Ye said in his session pop into her mind and out of her mouth. Were they the ones who told Hoo Ye it would have been better for him to have never been born? Habaek has no interest in answering her. He’s more interested in since when they started to spend so much time together? Did she even want him to come back? Should he leave? So Ah should remember. He’s a jealous deity. He storms upstairs into his room. He plops down on his couch. His restless mind wanders. Is the cave where Hoo Ye and Bi Ryeom met the cave where Nak Bin hid after she cursed him? Back then Habaek asked Bi Ryeom to help him find her. Was he the reason that Hoo Ye and Bi Ryeom met?

So Ah enters Habaek’s room the next morning, but he’s already gone. She calls Yeom Mi to ask about his weird behavior of just randomly getting angry and Yeom Mi tells her that he was angry because he did something bad and she should just finally break-up with him. After Yeom Mi disconnects the call, So Ah receives a call from Secretary Min. Has she seen Hoo Ye? He hasn’t come to work and he can’t reach him. So Ah denies and Secretay Min ends the phone call.

Moo Ra finally found Bi Ryeom. Habaek is the first one to arrive. And he asks the question which has been keeping him up all night. Is he the reason why Mo Myeong died? Was it when he asked Bi Ryeom for that favor? But why, why didn’t Bi Ryeom tell him? Didn’t he tell him, that he didn’t want to help him, because of all the pain Moo Ra went through because of his love for Nak Bin?

Bride of the Water God_Episode 14_2

Nak Bin happened to hide in that cave. Mo Myoeng was about to take her away when the servant’s of the King entered and a violent struggle broke out. They hadn’t known, who that child was or what he was capable of. When the little boy unleashed his powers, Mo Myeong and the servants were struck. They died instantly. Bi Ryeom had been too shocked to do anything back then. Jin Geon was the one to drag him out of the cave. They left Nak Bin behind and they kept all of this from Habaek. On the orders of the King. Jin Geon, who arrived with Moo Ra on the rooftop, tells Habaek that as the King’s servants they had to follow his orders. Habaek wants to take the guilt of Mo Myeong’s death, but Jin Geon won’t let him. He reveals that either of them was fated to die sooner or later anyway. But Moo Ra is having none of that. She accuses Habaek and slaps him, rather helping him, as Bi Ryeom seems intent on giving him a bashing himself. Moo Ra pulls Bi Ryeom away and they leave a stunned Habaek behind.

At Bi Ryeom’s apartment, Bi Ryeom walks straight to his liquor supply. Moo Ra tries to talk about what happened back then. That it wasn’t his fault. That he needs to stop resenting Hoo Ye. Habaek. And more than anything else, himself. Bi Ryeom tries to get away from her, but Moo Ra isn’t having any of that. Because, after all, isn’t it her fault? Didn’t she tell him, when the High Priest first told them about the existence of a half – god, that he should run away when he sees him? Did her words push him? Is it because secretly he was glad that Jin Geon dragged him away? He didn’t abandon Mo Myeong. He shouldn’t think that way.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 14_3
The only consolation she has for him is not a bad one.

Hoo Ye is still in his garden shed. He hears the voice of his little blind neighbor calling out for him. She tells him that she knows that he’s here. She can feel it. Hoo Ye keeps quiet. Even when she falls, he pulls back from his attempt to help her up and the girl leaves, confused. As soon as she’s gone, Hoo Ye has an outbreak of rage and throws garden tools around. A scream of anguish and pain bursts out of his lungs.

So Ah might have finally figured out what Habaek meant with “he’s not like us”. But before we know for sure, Habaek comes home. He asks where she’s going, but she denies it with answering “nowhere”. Habaek hugs her afterward and apologizes for his behavior yesterday. So Ah would love to know the answer to her question but decides not to ask him and rather spend a nice evening together. She tells Habaek to peel potatoes. They’re going to have a curry tonight and she’ll go and buy the curry paste. On her way back from the store, So Ah is abducted, by none other than Joo Geol Rin. Who drives her to Hoo Ye’s estate. He’s concerned about him and hopes So Ah can help him. So Ah slowly enters the garden shed. She calls out for Hoo Ye. Hoo Ye looks at her startled. He tries to get away from So Ah. He’s a danger to her.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 14_4

Habaek is at Bi Ryeom’s apartment. He’s worried about what happened to So Ah. He found her phone, wallet and the groceries scattered on the street with no sign of her. Finally, he receives a call from her. She’s ok and with Hoo Ye. Habaek wants her to get away from Hoo Ye right away. She does not know who he truly is. But she knows, So Ah tells Habaek. And he won’t hurt her. The Water God shouldn’t worry, she tells him before she disconnects the call. Moo Ra listened in on the conversation the whole time. She tells Habaek that no matter, Hoo Ye won’t hurt So Ah. He anyway, should just let her go and let the two be together. But Habaek has no interest in what she’s telling him. He tries to persuade Moo Ra to teleport to Hoo Ye’s farm. Of course, Moo Ra declines.

After So Ah finished her call, she reenters the shed. Hoo Ye tells her to leave.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 14_5

He tells her that he could commit another sin anytime. He will never change. That’s not true, So Ah answers him calmly. He’s not that kind of person. Hoo Ye snorts at that word. A Person?

“Then would you rather be a deity? Which would you rather be, a deity or a human? Be a human being. That’s better. A human being suits you better. You’ve helped so many people. You’ve supported so many children. You helped sick people to get better. You saved so many lives. Do know what you are to those people? A god. The work you did as a human being, was work of a god. Let’s say a god is looking down from above. It’d see a tiny human being helping other humans in a tiny country on a tiny planet called Earth. The deity would say, ‘I’m so busy.’ ‘Good job.’ ‘I wish you good luck.’ I once told you the trees you plant would become a big forest. The life you’ve been living will never disappear.”

She tells him that no matter what happens, she will help him. She’ll be his god. Hoo Ye sobs, but before he can answer, Habaek comes in and drags So Ah away from Hoo Ye.

On the way home, in the car, So Ah explains to Habaek that she is Hoo Ye’s psychiatrist. Habaek does not react. Is this jealousy then? She can’t tell, having never been in a relationship with a jealous guy. He takes her hand without a word. At home, So Ah asks him if he wants to eat.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 14_6

Habaek breaks off the kiss. So Ah is confused. Why did they stop? Does she want to continue, Habaek asks? No, no, she doesn’t, So Ah answers.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 14_7

The next morning So Ah is struggling to keep it together, after the deep kiss of yesterday night. The after effects are strong with this one.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 14_8

It doesn’t help that Habaek was working out and now wants to use So Ah’s bathroom. He could just use his tub, but So Ah was against him sitting in there all the time. Habaek understands that So Ah is behaving strangely, but doesn’t get what’s wrong with her. Stuttering she tells him that she has to leave for work. He promises her to accompany her home. Habaek leaves and So Ah plops down on her couch, her face in her hands. What did he do to her yesterday to make her go crazy? Her phone vibrates. She received a message from Hoo Ye who wants to meet with her.

Hoo Ye signs a proposal in his office. He asks Secretary Min to attend a meeting in his name when Shin Ja Ya walks in. She’s here to talk with Secretary Min. He has been avoiding her calls and she doesn’t know why. The reason is simple. He’s angry with her. She was the one made her grandfather kick out So Ah out of her office. He won’t talk with her anymore. He wants her to become a decent human being. Until then, she’s not allowed to contact him anymore.

When So Ah enters Hoo Ye’s office, he has a visitor. It’s Min, the blind girl. She almost blabbered out Hoo Ye’s secret. That he’s fallen for So Ah. Luckily Secretary Min comes to the rescue and takes her away. He explains about his little and only friend Min who already lost her parents and lives with her grandmother. He tells So Ah how he couldn’t control his powers when he came to live in the human realm. How the anxiety ate at him.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 14_9

Since then, he sees Min’s life as his own. Even though what he told So Ah just now was sad, he smiles at her suddenly and tells her that he made a decision regardless of “this woman’s” intentions. Cryptic as it is, So Ah doesn’t understand. Hoo Ye turns away smiling before looking back at her. He wonders if they ever met before. It feels to him as if they’ve known each other for a very long time.  Secretary Min comes to pick up Hoo Ye. It’s time for the next meeting. He tells So Ah they will see each other later.

Nam Soo Ri arrived at Yeom Mi’s office. She told him to see her, but she’s in a deep sleep when he enters. Yeom Mi has the exact same dream as before. A drenched So Ah is standing in front of her, but now she can hear what she says. “That person saved me, but…” Is all she hears before the man with the black trainers enters again and So Ah’s voice becomes a whisper. Yeom Mi wakes up and is startled by Nam Soo Ri. When did he arrive? Nam Soo Ri is more interested in her dream. She was very vocal during her sleep. Annoyed Yeom Mi tells him that it was about So Ah bragging about his master saving her. And here she had been thinking that it might have been a bad omen. More important to her is the fact that Nam Soo Ri really enhances her powers. She could hear So Ah this time.

So Ah and Nurse Yoo are preparing the clinic for the re – opening. The new building owner will be visiting them as well, so So Ah wants to make sure for everything to be exceptional. Just then Nurse Yoo receives a call from his best friend. His appendicitis broke. Without a look at So Ah he runs out of the clinic. So Ah calls after him but to no ado. With a sigh, she continues to clean. She realizes that they don’t have enough wet towels and decides to call the water ghost to ask him to bring her some.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 14_10

Habaek is annoyed with So Ah and her ordering him around. When he walks into the living room, he’s surprised by Bi Ryeom’s presence.  Bi Ryeom isn’t happy to be there either but Moo Ra made him come to see Habaek and to hear what he has to say. Habaek knows that Bi Ryeom’s anger stems from him living his life without knowing that Habaek caused Mo Myeong’s death. He apologizes to Bi Ryeom. He also tells him that Hoo Ye probably tried to protect Nak Bin back then. Bi Ryeom answers that he’s not yet able to think that way. Before he leaves, Habaek stops him. Back at the car, Moo Ra asks Bi Ryeom if he wanted money. Of course, Bi Ryeom answers. Money, credit card or a diamond ring. Bi Ryeom declined. Good, Moo Ra answers. Habaek should return back as soon as possible.

So Ah is nervously debating if she should call Habaek to not come today. They could just start anew tomorrow. She receives a message from Nurse Yoo. His friend is ok. But he hasn’t bought the drinks for the meeting with the new building owner yet. Habaek arrives at the clinic. So Ah is not the one waiting for him in the office. It’s Hoo Ye, who is as surprised to see Habaek as Habaek is to see him. Habaek quickly walks toward him and demands to know what he’s doing here. As a landlord, he has every right to be here Hoo Ye replies. Luckily So Ah walks in before things can escalate. Still, she’s surprised that Hoo Ye is at her office. They don’t have a scheduled meeting. Before Hoo Ye can explain, Habaek pulls her away.

He drives off with So Ah. So Ah is teasing Habaek by telling him that he’s still charming even when angry. As she doesn’t get a real reaction out of him, she persuades him to go and see the sunset at the ocean with her. The plan which was previously foiled by Moo Ra. They watch the sunset and So Ah tells him that she finally understands why people go see it. It’s beautiful. She opens up that she actually saw it once before. A long-time ago with her parents. His father was anxious that he left all the orphans at home. Her parents got into a fight about the topic and she felt horrible. Habaek looks sadly at her. He tells her that he’s thinking about the time when she’ll spend her days and sunsets without him. So Ah answer that they should just enjoy the time they have together. Wasn’t that what he said, once upon a time? Habaek doesn’t remember, but it doesn’t matter to So Ah.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 14_11

This was the recap for episode 14. A lot has happened. Bi Ryeom finally opened up. Moo Ra and Bi Ryeom took their relationship to the next level. Hoo Ye acknowledged his sin but also decided to fight for his human side with the help of So Ah. So Ah got dragged around a lot. But her hallucinations were really entertaining. I like the two of them the best when they are bickering. It feels the most natural to me. Yeom Mi still hasn’t figured out what is going on and will probably figure it out just mere minutes before So Ah gets into trouble.

Just two more episodes! Next week is the final week. I hope we get to see a grand finale. Let me know about your expectations in the comments below.

As always thanks for reading.

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The Bride of the Water God Episode 13 Recap/Review

Bride of the Water God_Episode 1_2

Welcome to the recap/review of “The Bride of the Water God” episode 13. At the end of episode 12 our Water God and his servant were reunited. Will they have a little bit of quiet? Let’s find out!

So Ah And Habaek are enjoying their reunion hug when Hoo Ye steps into the alley. Let’s not forget. He and So Ah were on the phone last episode when So Ah spotted Habaek and forgot everything around her. He sees them hugging and defeat blossoms on his face. Before Habaek can spot him, Hoo Ye quickly steps back into the alley.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 13_1
When you’re happy that your love is suffering during your absence.

Habaek sees So Ah’s phone and goes to pick it up. Hoo Ye is still lingering at the corner, but his plot armor keeps him from being seen by Habaek. He watches Habaek and So Ah as they walk back to So Ah’s house, arms around each other.

Nam Soo Ri has returned with his Master as well! After they’re happy reunion, So Ah serves Nam Soo Ri a fresh cup of instant ramyeon and searches for answers. Why is Habaek back? Habaek can only enter the human realm with a mission. And he did so by twisting the meaning of the original mission he received. Sure the main task was to find the sacred god stones. But as a side quest, the High Priest asked him to find out what the meaning is behind the sacred stones being guarded in the human world. Not really a quest, more like food for the mind, but Habaek twisted it to his convenience and persuaded the High Priest. That way he was able to return.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 13_2
Habaek being mean. So Ah probably cried while hugging Yoong Yoong

Habaek walks up the stairs towards his roof room. He starts to reiterate the to do list he gave to So Ah before he left. None of those things which she actually did. So Ah isn’t even listening. She asks Habaek about his new task. The Water God moves faster than we’ve ever seen before when he hugs her from behind and tells her that it’s all bullshit. It doesn’t matter. He only had one reason to come back. So Ah.

“I came because I knew you were not doing well. I have to go back. That’s still what I have to do. I came to say goodbye properly. Properly. I don’t want to leave any regrets. Even if we have to part ways, I want to be able to convince myself that I loved enough. If you’re not ready. If you don’t agree with me, I’ll go back.”

So Ah answers:

“To be able to say goodbye properly, you want to love enough. It’s not supposed to make sense, but it still sounds nice. Now that I think of it, I think I’ve been to petty to my life. When I didn’t love myself, who would want to love me? Someone must have felt sorry for me. A good thing like this happened to me.”

Bride of the Water God_Episode 13_3

Hoo Ye is still outside of So Ah’s house. He looks up at it with yearning until he turns away. He leans against the wall, right next to the spot, where once upon a time Habaek scribbled his and So Ah’s name down. He knows he lost against Habaek in winning So Ah’s heart.

The next morning So Ah awakes with a start. Confusion spreads on her face. Was Habaek’s return just a dream? She goes up to the roof top room. He’s not there and the room looks unused. When she finally decides to step out on the roof top, Nam Soo Ri and Habaek are already following they’re daily routine. Nam Soo Ri asks why So Ah came out of his Master’s room. Usually, she always takes the stairs to enter the rooftop, doesn’t she? So Ah says she was looking for something. Habaek, the tease that he is, whispers “Were you looking for me?” when he passes her on his way inside.

Inside the house, Nam Soo Ri is joyful that he can return to his part -time job as duck boat operator. As the talk was off work, Habaek asks So Ah if she isn’t going to leave soon. With a sigh So Ah tells the two of them, that due to unforeseen circumstances, her clinic will be closed for an unknown amount of time. But that doesn’t matter, right? She has an omnipotent God living with her. He can just produce things out of thin air. Just, that Habaek doesn’t have his powers as Nam Soo Ri quietly proclaims. They did return when he went back to the realm of the gods, but Habaek had to strike a deal. The High Priest wouldn’t let him go with his powers. He had to return in the same state in which he arrived in water country. But, they were allowed to bring one important and powerful item back to the human realm.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 13_4
When you expect a gold laying duck…

Bi Ryeom is being helpful again. He arranged with the director of Moo Ra’s movie to delay the kissing scene until she’s ready. Moo Ra decided to train with the weird blow up doll Bi Ryeom got her, but Bi Ryeom thinks that won’t be enough.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 13_5
“Let me help you.” – Bi Ryeom

And finally, we find out the mystery behind their ‘engagement’. 1.200 years ago when Moo Ra was struck with jealousy because of Nak Bin, she begged Bi Ryeom to tell Habaek, that they are engaged. What she received were congratulations. Not the outcome she was looking for. Bi Ryeom’s words make Moo Ra furious. She stomps towards him and tries to strike him again, but Bi Ryeom easily avoids the hit and captures her in a hug. “Why do you keep pretending that you don’t know about my feelings”, he asks her? Both of them were ignoring the feelings between them, but Bi Ryeom doesn’t want to wait anymore. He lets Moo Ra go. Instead of accepting his invitation for lunch, she leaves after telling him not to talk with her anymore.

Hoo Ye awakens once again in his office. Joo Geol Rin is there as well. Again, Hoo Ye called him when he needed him. Hoo Ye promises that he won’t be a nuisance again. Joo Geol Rin suddenly tells him that it was him who took Hoo Ye away from his mother on the orders of the king. It was him who locked him in that cave. But that he could never turn his back on Hoo Ye. He always returned to see him and tell him about the world of the gods. Not for Hoo Ye’s sake but his own. He also tells Hoo Ye to show So Ah his true colors. If she doesn’t accept him then, he’d at least tried.

Habaek and So Ah got into an argument after she told him that she gave Moo Ra her car back. How can a man love without a car? Nonetheless, he arrives at the apartment of Bi Ryeom, to announce his return. Neither Moo Ra nor Bi Ryeom are happy to see him. Moo Ra wanted Habaek gone to avoid him getting hurt and being with So Ah. Bi Ryeom was happy that Habaek was gone and peace returned to their lives and Moo Ra wasn’t constantly hurt. He and Habaek go to a coffee shop to further discuss his return. He knows that he has to leave right? He knows what will happen to him if he doesn’t? Why is Moo Ra not good enough for him? Habaek tells him to leave Moo Ra out of this.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 13_6.gif

Outside of the coffee shop, Bi Ryeom encounters So Ah. He doesn’t save her from his wrath. He reveals to her that it was him who doomed her ancestors 1.200 years. All on the orders of Moo Ra who had been blind with anger at what Nak Bin had done to Habaek. So Ah should hope for her own sake, that Moo Ra doesn’t feel that way this time.

So Ah and Habaek walk back together. They are engorged in their talk about cars when out of nowhere Joo Geol Rin appears. Joo Geol Rin decided to help Hoo Ye with his advance on So Ah, by lifting Habaek’s curse.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 13_7
Kiss the boy

Habaek sits down on a bench and waves Joo Geol Rin over. They prepare themselves. Seconds pass as they slowly advance to the kissing point, but So Ah’s scream of disgust interrupts them. Habaek jumps up and decides he doesn’t need the curse to be lifted. He has gotten used to the feeling of being hungry. He sends Joo Geol Rin away but gives him a warning that at one point in the future he will seek revenge.

Bi Ryeom returns to the apartment, only to find it empty. Moo Ra is gone and he fears for the worst. He calls his minion, Jin Geon, to find her. Joo Geol Rin is back at Hoo Ye’s office. He exposes to Hoo Ye that Habaek’s powers haven’t returned, something that Habaek confirmed to him before. It doesn’t matter why he doesn’t have his powers, all that matters is who is stronger now, he explains to a confused Hoo Ye. A half god or a powerless god? Suddenly Moo Ra enters the office. Moo Ra is surprised by his presence. Under which circumstances did they meet? But Joo Geol Rin escapes before he answers and Hoo Ye has no interest in answering her.

Moo Ra came to Hoo Ye’s office to tell him about Habaek’s return and to pledge her alliance to him. She wants So Ah to be taken away from him. She will help Hoo Ye with her resources to make it happen. Hoo Ye smirks at her. He confesses to her that that won’t be necessary. A powerless water god is no enemy for him. Moo Ra is shocked. How does he know? It doesn’t matter, he explains to her. All that matters is that he’s the one with power and she and Bi Ryeom better don’t get involved in the matter. Otherwise, he has to use his powers in the human world. And that is the one thing he despises. Bi Ryeom enters Hoo Ye’s office. He walks cautiously to Moo Ra, his eyes set on Hoo Ye. Moo ra decides to leave before things escalate between the two.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 13_8

Bi Ryeom pulls Moo Ra out of Hoo Ye’s office. In the parking lot, she’s able to pull free. Why did he have to behave so rashly? Hoo Ye was only helping her, she almost fell. Why is it that with him, even though he’s a half – god, he behaves so irrationally? What is the reason? Is it fear? Does he believe Hoo Ye is the god of death? What is the reason for his rage? Bi Ryeom answers cryptically. Doesn’t she understand, that it’s because of her asking that he can’t tell? Why did she have to pull the half – god into this whole mess anyway? To get rid of Habaek? Does she want Bi Ryeom to seduce So Ah to keep her distracted? She knows he’s good at that. This earns him a slap in the face. One he doesn’t avoid this time. He leaves without a word. Moo Ra yells for Jin Geon (Bi Ryeom’s minion with the crushed tongue) to come out. He will tell her now what is going on with Bi Ryeom or she will really crush his tongue, she tells him. For the first time, he speaks. It is because of him, he tells her. Bi Ryeom is acting that way because of him. But that is all he can tell her. She may do with his tongue as she wishes.

So Ah and Habaek are in the dining room, sitting at the table. So Ah wants to just look at Habaek. Is he a dream or reality?

Bride of the Water God_Episode 13_9

They both get embarrassed and relocate to the living room couch. So Ah asks Habaek where he will go for a drive tomorrow. They could go and see the sunset. She used to tell people that it was a waste of time to do so. But then she dreamed of going to Vanuatu. Such a contradiction. Habaek tells her, to tell him all the places she wants to visit. He’ll take her. So Ah sighs and explains to him that they’d need money for that. And as they are both jobless and he didn’t bring a magic money making wand with him, the situation is hopeless. Habaek leaves to make a call to Moo Ra in his room. He wants her to give him money, but Moo Ra doesn’t even want to hear his voice and disconnects straight away.

Nam Soo Ri enters Yeom Mi’s office the next day. She greets him with the words that he was the one with So Ah. Why were they both soaked? Yeom Mi thinks she’s seeing dream Nam Soo Ri, but quickly she realizes that he’s real and back. She comes back with him to So Ah’s house to see for herself that the water ghost has returned as well. Habaek isn’t happy that Nam Soo Ri brought that weird woman back. Nam Soo Ri explains that the reason why he went to her was the fact that she’d offered him a part – time job. He only has to sit in her office. He inspires her supernatural abilities. Habaek accepts. But only because he wants the money.

So Ah tells Yeom Mi that Habaek came back to tell her goodbye. Yeom Mi breaks out into tears.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 13_10

Habaek comes down the stairs during their emotional bonding moment. He leaves and drives off to meet with Moo Ra. So Ah calls him on his way and finds out about it. She inquires why he’s going to see her, but he doesn’t tell her. Rather he asks if she is jealous about him going to meet her. So Ah denies. Habaek, however, conters that he is jealous of male human friends. Now So Ah finally gives up the information, that she as well might be a bit jealous of his female deity friend. She disconnects after telling Habaek that she has to go to her part – time job at her male human friend’s place. But before So Ah can leave she receives a call from Nurse Yoo. So Ah hurries to her clinic and swings the door open. Their building suddenly got sold. And the new owner has no interest to kick them out. Instead, he lowered the deposit and the monthly rent. Things have gotten better instantly for So Ah and Nurse Yoo.

Moo Ra calls Bi Ryeom. She wants to meet up with him. He didn’t come home last night. She asks to meet up at Beriwon Resort before she can hold it back. She doesn’t want to meet at Hoo Ye’s resort, but before she can take it back, Bi Ryeom agrees and disconnects. Moo Ra is worried at what might happen at Hoo Ye’s resort, when at the same time her door bell rings. It’s Habaek.

So Ah enters Hoo Ye’s office. She just finished her weekly consultation for his employees which they are, according to Hoo Ye, grateful for. She tells him about her unpredicted luck with her clinic, but Hoo Ye doesn’t tell her that it was him who bought it. He inquires that she probably won’t be available for dinner for quite a long time. But he doesn’t mind. He’s good at waiting. Of course, So Ah doesn’t understand what he’s talking about. Hoo Ye drops the topic and accompanies her to the exit. He brushes loose hair  strands away from So Ah’s face as she herself seems to be unable to adjust it herself. A quite unstable Bi Ryeom sees this. He approaches them. So Ah, still not on top of all information tries to introduce them, but Bi Ryeom only has vile words for her. Is Hoo Ye her insurance? Is she going to replace Habaek with him, once Habaek returns to the realm of gods?
Bride of the Water God_Episode 13_11

They transport to somewhere in the woods. Jin Geon is there as well, but Bi Ryeom tells him to not get involved. Hoo Ye wants to know the reason why Bi Ryeom is so set on getting rid of him. Your existence is the reason why. This is not enough for Hoo Ye. He can’t do anything for the way he exists. If this is his reason he isn’t interested to stay. Bi Ryeom tells him that he won’t be able to leave. He won’t let him. Should I let you punch me until you feel better Hoo Ye asks. Bi Ryeom answers that he’ll make him pay for his sins. Hoo Ye denies that he ever committed one. That’s when Bi Ryeom throws his first punch. Your greatest sin is that you’ve forgotten what you did, he tells him with disgust.

Habaek is trying to force Moo Ra into giving him money. Moo Ra is tough like steel. If he doesn’t have money, he won’t be able to survive in the human realm and be forced to return. Habaek tells her that she will be punished once they’re back. Moo Ra tells him he can try to do that. Without a tongue. They stare at each other when they almost simultaneously receive calls. So Ah called Habaek to tell him that Bi Ryeom abducted Hoo Ye. Moo Ra receives a call from Jin Geon that Bi Ryeom is fighting the half – god.

Bi Ryeom and Hoo Ye are still fighting. Hoo Ye wants to stop. There is no point. Bi Ryeom wants to continue. Neither of them can die, so let’s continue until they’re close. That’s not true though. Hoo Ye has the power to kill. Is that why you asked to fight without powers, he teases Bi Ryeom. This is enough to enrage Bi Ryeom until the point of no return. He unleashes his powers at Hoo Ye. Hoo Ye is thrown to the ground but gets quickly back up on his feet.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 13_12

Hoo Ye remembers. At this moment, Moo Ra and Habaek materialize in the clearing.

And this is the end! For a second there, I was worried, he was going to hurt Bi Ryeom. Still, I hope Jin Geon will be ok. Habaek is back. Still powerless. Which is, honestly, kind of annoying. Sure, otherwise he’d just solve all of So Ah’s problems and also can keep her easily from harm (something which the drama doesn’t want to happen). Still, even the gods with powers don’t have really impressive ones. I was expecting a little bit more kaboom from the fight. I mean, ok Bi Ryeom is by rights a god under the law of ensuring life and nature. But Hoo Ye’s powers could have been grander than just dark shadows. If he’s supposed to wield fire, make it fiercer? More like an explosion? Or firestorm? But that’s just me.

There were a lot of nice scenes so I won’t complain. Loved the whole Moo Ra/ Bi Ryeom story line. Also Habaek’s and So Ah’s story line. The kiss was also more to my liking this time. I was wondering if Nam Joo Hyuk may be held back because the public knows that he has a girlfriend and he doesn’t want to come off as too realistic? Or maybe I’m thinking too much.

Loved the scene with the driver’s license and ID. That was just awesome and needed “SWAG” as subtitle. Very fitting music choices this episode. A couple of instrumental pieces which I believe were new.

So this is it. I hope you enjoyed this episode of “The Bride of the Water God”. Share your thoughts with me if you like in the comments down below.

As always thanks for reading.

Your fellow drama-addict,


Gong Myung Receives Praise For His Style in “The Bride of the Water God”

(C) iMBC Cha Soo Hyun / Photo tvN

Gong Myung has once again caught the attention of the public. The actor and singer who currently stars as wind God Bi Ryeom in the tvN fantasy – romance drama “The Bride of the Water God”, had previously received praise for the way he portrays the free spirited trouble maker God.

Now the expression of his character through his outfits is also being appreciated. From colorful suits to mixing different patterns or a relaxed jumper; the playfulness, unpredictability, and uniqueness of the charming character capture the viewer’s attention. His silver hair gives the look the final touch.

Catch Gong Myung on “The Bride of the Water God” on Monday 10:50 pm on tvN or your trustworthy streaming site of choice.

Source: Enews

Even if he’s receiving acknowledgment by the public, he made sure to show us that he’s still down to earth and retained his little kid humor:

Source: Instagram


The Bride of the Water God Episode 12 Recap/Review

Bride of the Water God_Episode 1_2

Welcome to the recap/review of “The Bride of the Water God” episode 12. At the end of episode 11, a furious Moo Ra snatched away So Ah, to finally reveal the truth about her ancestor’s sin. Let’s  finally find it out!

1.200 years ago, humans sacrificed a girl to the water god. Her name was Nak Bin. Habaek took her in and fell in love with her. During that time the King of the wind country was greedy. He was looking to destroy the realm and rebuild it in the way he wished to. For that, he needed Habaek’s power. He promised Nak Bin eternal life if she’d deliver a curse to Habaek. She agreed. The curse robbed Habaek of his power’s during the day and returned him back to a child. At night he regained them and returned to an adult. But Nak Bin never received her eternal life. She was captured by Habaek. The verdict of the Queen Mother was that she was to be killed and her blood used to lift the curse. She would receive her wish in a different way. There would be no reincarnation or nirvana for her. Nak Bin pleaded with him to save her. That she didn’t know that it was a curse. That she did it out of love. To be with him. Forever. But all Habaek had to say to her was that he’d never forgive her.

On the day Nak Bin was executed, Habaek wandered through the garden, Moo Ra trailing behind him. Fleeting images of his time with Nak Bin passed through his mind. He remembered his time with Nak Bin. Nak Bin was dragged to the beach.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 12_1
Nak Bin drowned in the ocean. She cried for Habaek to save her.

But Habaek did nothing. After her death, Habaek’s curse was lifted. But Nak Bin’s death wasn’t enough for the Queen Mother. She wanted the lives of Nak Bin’s Brother and Nephew. The brother made a foolish deal for his life with the Queen and promised the services of his descendants to the gods. That’s how Moo Ra’s story ends. She smirks at So Ah.

“That’s ridicolous. What does that have to do with me? Let’s say my ancestors betrayed this country, killed someone or stole something a thousand years ago. What does that have to do with me? Am I suppossed to feel guilty for what she did? Too bad. You can only feel guilty when you feel you did something wrong.”

Habaek is still waiting for So Ah to return. It’s already dark when she comes in, acting as if she just went for a long walk. Habaek wants to know what happened, but So Ah acts aloof.  He demands to know. She heard about his old love story. Nak Bin. But why should she care for something that happened a 1000 years ago? Habaek needs to know more. What is it she really wants to say? Go. Leave this house as soon as possible and go back as soon as possible. Habaek turns to leave, she’s not someone to give him commands. You did nothing, So Ah proclaims, antagonizing the water god further. Nothing to save the woman you loved. Habaek exits the house and slams the door rush. Tears drop down So Ah’s face.

For Moo Ra didn’t only tell So Ah about Nak Bin. She also begged her to let Habaek go. Water Country needs Habaek as Habaek needs Water Country. If he isn’t King, then he is nothing. He needs to return before he weakens even more. She needs to let him go and not be like Nak Bin. After Nak Bin’s death, Habaek punished himself. Moo Ra doesn’t want to see this happen again.

Bi Ryeom waits in front of Moo Ra’s bedroom. Deciding that enough time has passed, he opens the door. Moo Ra is standing in the middle of her room. She wishes she could lose herself in alcohol as humans can. She hates this. She had to confirm to So Ah that Habaek loves her. Why did she have to do that to make So Ah push Habaek away? Why was this the only way? Bi Ryeom answers her that she had to do what she needed to and she shouln’t regret it.

2017-08-10 (3).png
While hugging her, Bi Ryeom tells Moo Ra that he’d punch Habaek for her if she’d let him. As usual, Moo Ra doesn’t want to hear any of that.

Habaek and So Ah both spend the night restless. Early the next morning, Habaek gets up and dresses. He stares at the door connecting his room with So Ah’s apartment but decides to walk out on the roof. He wakes Nam Soo Ri up, who’s still asleep.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 12_3
Is Nam Soo Ri finally receiving a word of appreciation from his master?

He tells Nam Soo Ri to inform So Ah that they are going to have breakfast together. After the meal, he returns their phones to her and tells her to cancel the contract. Also to inform Nam Soo Ri’s employers that he wouldn’t return to work and to get rid of his clothes and books.

“Don’t stay out late. I heard there is a light that turns on automatically when it gets dark. Get it for your door. And don’t eat cup noodles all the time. Try to make yourself proper food even if you’re not a good cook. Also, don’t clean the house once in a million years. Try to clean often. It’ll be easier that way. For the streetlight in the alley, I heard you can submit a complaint when it’s not working. Even if it feels like a hassle , it’s better than just walking in the dark. Just submit a complaint. You like doing things like that.”

He asks Nam Soo Ri to give them some privacy.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 12_4
How to say goodbye

They will return right away Habaek tells her. So Ah is surprised. She wants at least drive them to the gate, but Habaek declines. There is no need. Nam Soo Ri is already waiting outside. Bi Ryeom is there as well, assigned to drive them to the land of the gods. Habaek leaves without another word, without looking back. Nam Soo Ri hurries after him while wishing So Ah to take care of herself. Bi Ryeom is the last one to leave. He looks at her expression, at her tear stained cheeks, but there is nothing he can do. He leaves with a shrug. At the gate to the realm of the gods, Habaek looks back for the last time, before entering.

Shin Ja Ya receives an other to replace a reporter. But it’s a documentation about Sailfish. She tries to avoid the offer, but in the end, accepts in defeat. That is until Secretary Min sweeps in. He takes her phone away and calls them back, telling them that they’d have to clean the boat straight away. She’d be vomiting the moment she’d set foot on that boat. That resolves the issue. Ja Ya is grateful and speechless. A rare occurrence.

At their apartment, Moo Ra is taking the kissing practice seriously. But that weird puppet Bi Ryeom bought her, is avoiding her attempts to plant her lips on it. Bi Ryeom chuckles at her and asks if she’d rather had a good – looking mannequin. But it’s not as if that would resolve the problem. It’s about Moo Ra scaring the bejeezus out of her co – actors.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 12_5
Bi Ryeom is such a tease. I love it.

Bi Ryeom is kind enough to let her know that he’d be more than willing to help her practice. Moo Ra doesn’t answer him but instead inquires about So Ah. How is she doing since Habaek left?

So Ah is keeping herself busy and is putting on a happy facade. Nurse Yoo and Yeom Mi are both concerned, especially after finding out, that she’s even going on a blind date. Yeom Mi takes So Ah out for coffee to find out more about what happened between her and the water ghost. Yeom Mi is relieved that they broke up, but she is concerned that So Ah hasn’t cried. So Ah has neither the time nor does she want to talk with Yeom Mi about her feelings. She leaves Yeom Mi, who herself is sad about Nam Soo Ri’s departure and wishes she would have made a move on him.

At So Ah’s clinic, Nurse Yoo prepared coffee for Hoo Ye. Also, he seems to hear the wedding bells for the two of them as he confides a lot of information to Hoo Ye, some of it rather private. Before he can tell him more, So Ah arrives and takes Hoo Ye with her into her office to start their session. They talk about their last session and what happened So Ah apologizes again and investigates if he had a bad dream. The answer is yes. She tells him to try and not think about the bad things which happened to him. Maybe he’d be willing to tell her about his past? It’s too early for Hoo Ye and he declines. So Ah wishes for him to confine into her, she is here to help him. Hoo Ye watches her after she lowers her head to take notes of the session. He blurts out that they should go for dinner. So Ah tries to decline, but Hoo Ye beats her by saying that they’d be having dinner alone if not with each other.

Bi Ryeom and Moo Ra went out to a restaurant. Moo Ra is complaining. There is no need for them to eat, why are they here? Bi Ryeom tells her that it was her wish, wasn’t it? To be able to do the things humans do. Meanwhile, at the same restaurant, Hoo Ye is complaining to So Ah about her attitude? Haven’t they reached friend status yet? Both of them know so much about each other. And isn’t he this awesome, rich and good – natured person? She’s hurting his pride with her reluctance.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 12_7
They do look a bit like a gangster couple here.

Moo Ra proposes to go to another restaurant but Bi Ryeom doesn’t even listen. He tells his minion to take her home, while he takes off in his car. Moo Ra asks the minor god if he knows where Bi Ryeom is going, but as always the minor god stays quiet.

So Ah and Hoo Ye go on a walk after their dinner. They continue their friendship discussion. Hoo Ye’s feelings seem to be quite hurt and So Ah apologizes for that. But on the other hand, Hoo Ye also isn’t putting as much trust in her as he should put in a friend. She tells him that she can’t make him trust her, but she will put in more effort in proving him her reliability. Unexpectedly she spots the toy Habaek modeled with to make enough money to buy the cups for So Ah. Hoo Ye sees her gazing at it. He decides to buy it for her. Once again, So Ah interferes. She is far too old to receive a plush toy as a gift. Hoo Ye receives a call. Something came up at the resort and he has to leave. So Ah thanks him for the dinner and they say their goodbyes.

So Ah walks home, the toy in her arms. She visits places at her house and touches things which hold memories of Habaek. She ends up upstairs in his room. The book he was reading lies on the couch.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 12_8

The next day is difficult for So Ah. She is exhausted and tired and her patients are difficult. Luckily she only has one appointment in the afternoon. So Ah sits in her office chair, when Habaek materializes in front of her. Of course, he’s nothing more than he projection of her mind. But he speaks the truth within her heart. That it feels as if he was the one who dumped her and not the other way round. How she hates him for not catching her lie and staying with her. That she was wrong. There is no solution without hurting anyone.

Yeom Mi has another dream at her office. A soaked So Ah is standing in front of her. She tries to talk, but Yeom Mi can’t hear her. That’s when someone else walks in. His shoes are the only thing we can see. They are drenched. After she awakens, she calls So Ah straight away, that she needs to come and see her.

Moo Ra is at Hoo Ye’s office. Moo Ra confirms that Habaek returned to water country. Did So Ah tell him? What was it that she wanted in return. Hoo Ye tells her that if he’d already known he wouldn’t have asked her. Moo Ra came with an agenda of her own. She wants Hoo Ye to take So Ah and make her his. No matter what he may think, she doesn’t want humans to suffer because of the games of the gods. If she was really concerned about So Ah, Hoo Ye answers, wouldn’t she ask him to make her happy instead of just taking her? For Moo Ra, it doesn’t matter what he does. Just make her forget about Habaek.

Shin Ja Ya is surprised by Secretary Min who materializes out of thin air. Judging by her face, she has another problem. Ja Ya is more interested in how she can get him to become her manager. She needs dating advice again and she’s willing to pay. But Secretary Min doesn’t want money. He wants respect. Ja Ya is frustrated. Aren’t they the same age? She sure won’t call him ‘oppa’. But to get what she wants, she finally gives in. The meaning of the back hug is still haunting her and isn’t her cousin behaving more like a bad boy these days? Secretary Min tries to open her eyes. She should forget the incident. Hoo Ye is interested in her high school friend So Ah. In her car, Ja Ya calls her grandfather. She is furious and wants him to kick So Ah out of his building.

So Ah arrives at Yeom Mi’s office. Her best friend wants to predict her future. Something is fishy about So Ah constantly appearing in her dreams. But just when So Ah was about to give Yeom Mi her hand, she receives a call. They hurry back to So Ah’s office. Ja Ya got her will. Her grandfather kicked So Ah out. The movers are already there and putting away So Ah’s things into boxes.


Bride of the Water God_Episode 12_9
Who thought the alien believer can fight like that?


The whole group ends up at the police station. Mr Ma and Nurse Yoo are in a cell. Mr Ma still hasn’t calmed down. So Ah asks for leniency for her patient and that she as his doctor takes full responsibility for his actions. Hoo Ye enters the station. So Ah called him to help her in this situation. After they are finally are able to leave the station. Hoo Ye shares his amusement that she doesn’t have as many acquaintances. Just like him. He asks to drive her home. Once again So Ah declines. The cold air will wake her up and she lives close by. On her way home she receives a call from him. Is she not home yet? She must have lied about the distance then. So Ah answers that she just walked slowly. So Ah doesn’t even have to explain herself, Hoo Ye’s has been her shadow all the way. Unaware of that, she continues her way home. She tells him about Ja Ya and how she was the one who initiated everything. So Ah has no interest in her, why can’t she just let her be? She wants to either beg the building owner or Ja Ya to not kick her out. Hoo Ye advertises his threatening skills. Or should he just buy the building for her? When she rounds the corner and enters her street, So Ah doesn’t hear Hoo Ye’s voice anymore. She doesn’t hear anything. The phone slides out of her hand. As she looks at the one who can’t be standing at his favorite spot.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 12_10

Episode 12 ends with a happy reunion. Yay for So Ah. Yay for Habaek. I wonder what would happen to him if he just stayed in the human world. Will he turn to a human? But the minor gods didn’t. Maybe it’s different with the water god himself. Maybe there won’t be any more water because he’s ‘Nature’ and all that jazz.

This episode I particularly loved the budding relationship between Moo Ra and Bi Ryeom. Moo Ra is finally developing some feelings. But it got me thinking why Bi Ryeom only started to make a move now? How long has this been going on? Or is Moo Ra just really dense. Also, did Moo Ra already have her first kiss? Or is it going to be Bi Ryeom?

Yeom Mi shouldn’t be proud of her fortune telling skills. If she can’t foresee the imminent end of her best friend, what good are her skills? But her missing Nam Soo Ri is cute. I hope he is back as well.

One thing which I seriously disliked, and I think I wrote about it before, is the whole handling of the mental health patients and her work as a psychiatrist. It feels like a very cliche portraying off the people struggling with mental health, even if it was meant for comedic relief.

This is it. A wall of text and a couple of gifs. Let me know what you fought of episode 12 in the comments below.

As always thanks for reading.

Your fellow drama-addict,


The Bride of the Water God Episode 11 Recap/Review

Bride of the Water God_Episode 1_2

Welcome to the recap/review of “The Bride of the Water God” episode 11. At the end of episode 10, Hoo Ye attacked So Ah mistakenly, revealed his secret to her and was surprised by a steaming Water God. Let’s see what happens next.

Naturally, Habaek thinks that he caught So Ah and Hoo Ye in a promiscuous situation. There is only one answer for that. He storms down the stairs, grabs Hoo Ye and punches him. Hoo Ye holds off another punch, but instead of retaliating, Hoo Ye enters into a staring contest with Habaek. So Ah tells Habaek to stop. She apologizes toward Hoo Ye, which is enough to cool him and get his bidding. After apologizing he leaves.

2017-08-09 (8).png
No context is needed for Habaek. How dare So Ah think she can run after that half – god?

After the flames of anger have cooled down, Habaek asks So Ah about the context. Did really happen what he thinks happened? But So Ah is angry herself. Shouldn’t a god be above all this? What are we, she asks him. He let’s go of her hand and So Ah leaves.

Rain is pouring down on So Ah is she makes her way home. But she doesn’t mind. It masks her tears. Hoo Ye is walking through the rain as well. His face shows the distress about having lost control of himself. Habaek is still in So Ah’s office. He looks out at the rain. Yeom Mi awakes at her office from a dream. Another dream of So Ah. Confusing enough to be uninterpretable.

Yeom Mi awakes at her office from a dream. Another dream of So Ah. Confusing enough to be uninterpretable. To her surprise, So Ah in flesh and blood and soaked to the bones appears at her office. She asks Yeom Mi to let her stay at her place for the night. Under tears, she tells her that she can’t go home.

At his office, Hoo Ye awakes from nightmares. Joo Geol Rin is there to comfort him. Hoo Ye called him yesterday and waited for him in the rain. Hoo Ye asks him if it’s true what he told him before. That it’s not his fault for being born the way he was. Or did he just say that because he was afraid of him?

“If it wasn’t my fault, who is responsible for all these deaths I caused? You told me over and over again that it wasn’t me that killed them. I believed that. But then who is responsible for their deaths?!?”

Bride of the Water God_Episode 11_1
Hoo Ye fears of losing his human self

Nurse Yoo enters the clinic the next morning. The lights are on and the door is open. Is So Ah again early. He enters the office but is surprised by Habaek who has spent the night there. The two are bickering when So Ah and Yeom Mi walk in. Yeom Mi and Nurse Yoo wait outside as So Ah and Habaek have a talk. Both of them don’t like the idea of So Ah becoming closer to her strange neighbor. Meanwhile, So Ah is investigating why Habaek slept at her office. Is it because of the fight they had? Turns out Habaek didn’t want to leave because he couldn’t lock her office. He’s not so irresponsible to harm others with his actions. She should have given him the key, but if she apologizes he would let it go.

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How to confess Water God style

“I want to hold you in my arms and kiss you. I want you to be my first and my last. I want my mind to be filled with thoughts of you. When they overflow, I just want to just let them be. I want my jealousy to be justified, and I don’t want to feel guilty even after punching someone. But to do all of that, I must begin. Like you said, our predestined future won’t change, but may I…begin?”

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Bi Ryeom is preparing fresh coffee. For none other than Moo Ra who stays at his apartment. What a surprise. But Moo Ra has other things in mind than romance. She’s going to follow Bi Ryeom and it’s not like she’s hiding it. She follows him to an arena where he runs his rounds, then to the gym where he trains and to a sauna. All while visibly annoyed by the young male fans approaching her. In the car, she finally attacks. She had enough and wants to know what’s going on. What does he want from the half – god? I want him to die is the simple answer. Simple it might be, but it upsets Moo Ra enough to cancel her complete schedule. Bi Ryeom will be night and day under her supervision from now on. Not that Bi Ryeom seems to mind. More like a wish came true.

Hoo Ye is still struggling with how to proceed. Joo Geol Rin told him to let So Ah in on his true identity, to take off some of his burden. But is it the right thing to do? Before he can come to a conclusion, Chairman Shin and his granddaughter Shin Ja Ya enter his office. Of course, it’s about the relocating of the resort and Chairman Shin’s own interest in it staying where it was planned to be. Hoo Ye, however, stays resilient. He won’t change his plans. Ja Ya again seeks out Secretary Min for dating advice. He still doesn’t believe her, which she is not picking up on, and tells her to stay quiet and behave normally.

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Habaek in his male feels.

Habaek calls Bi Ryeom. He wants to lose control. Human style. Bi Ryeom is delighted, whereas Moo Ra is worried. What happened that Habaek wants to lose control? And why didn’t he call her? Bi Ryeom, as always is more insightful. Habaek wants some bro time. He’s just a fill – in for Joo Dong. What will they do together? Something which didn’t work on him, Bi Ryeom answers, but might work on Habaek. But Moo Ra won’t let him go so easily. First, he has to promise that he won’t go anywhere near a certain someone. That being the half – god. Bi Ryeom agrees. Doesn’t he always listen to her? He tells her to visit the powder room. He prepared something to help her with her acting.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 11_5
For kissing practice…

Bi Ryeom and Habaek sit at the counter of the bar Bi Ryeom chose for Habaek’s first alcoholic experience. Habaek isn’t impressed. He remembers So ah crawling on the ground after too much to drink. But Bu Ryeom assures him that it’ll help him as he pours him the first drink. Bi Ryeom being Bi Ryeom starts talking about the reason why they are here: So Ah. To further agitate his future King, Bi Ryeom tells Habaek stories about his and So Ah’s student life and how she was very popular with other male students. Also how she refused his diamond ring as she felt it made her indebted to him. Which makes Habaek literally hit the bottle.

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Only the best friends take care of you like this.

Bi Ryeom continues the filming of Habaek as he has a very important conversation with a mail box. A group of good for nothings approach Habaek and interrupt his conversation about cowardly women. They see Habaek as an easy target: drunk and in designer clothes he must have cash. Habaek belittles them.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 11_5
Bi Ryeom having the time of his life.

So Ah is still thinking about Habaek’s confession. No matter how she thinks about, saying no was the right decision. Nurse Yoo shushes her home. It’s already late. As she slowly walks to her home, Hoo Ye trails her. Should he tell her? Could a woman like her ever be his? So Ah receives a call from Nam Soo Ri. He can’t reach his master and he has to do another shift delivering chicken (with the surprising help of Yeom Mi). Could she make sure he is taken care off? So Ah agrees. Hoo Ye calls her next. So Ah is overplaying the events of yesterday by pretending she didn’t see anything. She apologizes for everything, including lying for Habaek’s apology and reschedules his appointment. Hoo Ye’s face is visibly relaxed after they disconnect.

My lord doesn’t need to work, he has me. – Nam Soo Ri, trusted servant

Yeom Mi came to help Nam Soo Ri with his work. But she’s actually interested in the whole cursing business. It always has to be mouth to mouth right? There is no other way. Nam Soo Ri is distressed and runs away from her. Slyly, Yeom Mi calls after him saying that she didn’t imply to do anything.

Bi Ryeom literally drops off a drunk Water God in So Ah’s arms. That’s it his duty is done. As he turns to leave, he suddenly stops and looks at her.

“If I were to ask you a favor. Should I ask you to make him stay or let him go? I can’t quite figure out how I really feel about it.”


“I should book a session with you one of these days.”

So Ah drags Habaek into her house. No way she can get him up to the roof top. As they take up the steps to the living room they fall. Habaek lands on top of her and she struggles to push him off of her. She is almost finished, she only has to push his arm away. That’s the moment Habaek decides to show that he’s not as wasted as he pretended to be. He pulls her closer. So Ah is surprised. Habaek continues by saying, that he won’t begin anything, so she shouldn’t worry. He wants just to stay a little longer like this.

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That hand placement though… or it’s just me and my dirty thoughts…

Mischievous Bi Ryeom enjoys the rest of his night by showing Moo Ra his videos. She still hasn’t figured out why Habaek is behaving like this. Unusually, he’s not telling her that So Ah is the reason for Habaek’s behavior. He instead reassures her. It’s just the pressure of becoming King decisively getting to him. Moo Ra is still worried and wondering what she could do for Habaek.

So Ah awakes in her own bed the next morning. She is alone. She runs out of her room and down the stairs into the living room. Habaek isn’t there. Sadness slowly xx on her face. Then she hears steps. It’s Habaek walking up the steps with a cup (his cup from the last episode) and a book in hand. He asks her why she’s standing like that in the living room before he turns on a CD with classical music. He behaves as if everything is normal and it’s every day like that. So Ah joins the improvisation of everyday life and declares to hang up the laundry. Habaek starts to read the book. So Ah is pestering him to read the first sentence. She always knows if she wants to read a book after the first sentence. Habaek finally gives in.

“How did we meet? One day, a butterfly flew like a petal and made a small flutter. How did we meet and end up here? The corner of the street where we exchanged our love in spring. It was a miracle. We slowly held hands as we walked down the street together. The dandelions beneath the telephone pole swayed brightly. How did we manage to walk past all those times together? Were we able to reach love because we walked past such lovable moments? I came to believe that there is no such thing as coincidence in love. In order to make to people fall in love with each other, I believe the universe calculates even the smallest of happenings, including the wind stroke of a butterfly. An inevitable miracle. I didn’t want to think that, we met by a mere coincidence.”

Bride of the Water God_Episode 11_7

So Ah hides her tears by taking the laundry inside. After she re-established her self-assured self, she presents Habaek with lunch – prepared by her. Habaek is naturally skeptical as So Ah hasn’t really proven herself as a cook. And he was correct. But there are more pressing things. Why did So Ah used to wear mini skirts and show off her legs (knowledge burned into his brain thanks to Bi Ryeom). What happened that she doesn’t look like freesias in the spring anymore? Also how many men were there? She must be pretty good at seduction then? So Ah counterattacks. There must have been countless women for his Highness as well? But Habaek would rather avoid the topic. So Ah lets it go and Habaek once again tells her, he’d greatly reimburse her if he’d had his powers. So Ah asks him what he would do for her, but she doesn’t like his examples (let her drink as much cold water as she wants to, apparently there are no fridges in water country). Instead, she tells him her own vision of things she’d like to have. Her perfect life. When she comes back from her day dream, Habaek is in the living room, reading. So Ah prepares iced Americano as a dessert for him. He tells her that if she had the servant’s tablet, it could grant her a wish. Her true wish. Sadly, he lost it when he arrived. So Ah scolds him, but Nam Soo Ri returns from his work and she decides that feeding him is more important. Nam Soo Ri discovers the cups, Habaek bought for So Ah.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 11_8

Confused, So Ah calls after Nam Soo Ri. Habaek tells her to let it go. Later he tries to give the omurice to Nam Soo Ri, but he decides to leave. Unconcerned, Habaek starts to fill his bath. So Ah proposes to go to the beach instead and have a picnic. They go shopping for gimbap ingredients (though Habaek would rather have a luxury picnic with salmon, avocado, and abalone) and then prepare the gimbap at home. Even here, So Ah fails miserably. Her gimbap is broken and unpleasant to look at. Habaek is displeased when he receives a call from Moo Ra. She is concerned about Habaek’s loss of control. She wants him to move in with her and Bi Ryeom. Be that as it may, Habaek isn’t even listening. His eyes are focused on So Ah and her terrible skills. He briefly tells Moo Ra about their plans and that they are preparing gimbap now. Before he hangs up, Moo Ra can hear him yell “not that broken gimbap”. Bewildered she tells Bi Ryeom about the call. He is charmed by the way Habaek is changing. He tells Moo Ra to get ready and go boxing together. He leaves her alone and she picks up his phone to watch yesterday’s videos. But there is one she hasn’t seen yet. It’s Habaek saying he wished he could stay in the human world for “her”. Now everything makes sense for Moo Ra. She drives to So Ah’s home.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 11_10


And that’s it for episode 11. Next time Moo Ra will finally share the true story about the servants of the gods. Habaek is a true romantic. And that scene reminded me of that scene in the “Goblin/Dokkaebi” where he waits for her and reads the “Physics of Love” One of those scenes I truly love and probably replayed a thousand times. But back to Habaek. Many great scenes. I like Habaek and So Ah best when they are bickering. That’s my favorite. I actually enjoy the bromance/anti-bromance between Habaek and Bi Ryeom. The more human Habaek becomes, the more Bi Ryeom likes him. He and Joo Dong are way more connected to the human world than Moo Ra. And they both enjoy it. Im Ju Hwan having his mental break down was perfect. But sadly, I just still can’t feel it. I think for me from the acting choice he went too far into the dark side. Before he was too goody – good, now he’s too Darth Vader. No 2nd lead syndrome. Confirmed Bi Ryeom/Gong Myung syndrome.

No 2nd lead syndrome. Confirmed Bi Ryeom/Gong Myung syndrome. What about you? Does anyone have 2nd lead syndrome? Let me know in the comments.

As always thanks for reading.

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