So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin Confirmed to Reunite on the Movie Screen

So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin will be reuniting onscreen after 16 years!

The film is called “I’m on My Way to Meet You” (working title) and also stars Kim Ji Hwan, Go Chang Suk, Lee Joon Hyuk, Son Yeo Eun, Lee Yoo Jin, Kim Hyun Soo, and Bae Yoo Ram. Filming began on August 12.

Based on the Japanese novel, “I’m on My Way to Meet You” is about a woman (Son Ye Jin) who before passing away makes a hard-to-believe promise to her husband (So Ji Sub) to return one year later on a rainy day. However, one year later, she does reappear in front of her husband and son, but with all her memories gone.

Child actor Kim Ji Hwan will be playing the son, while Lee Joon Hyuk plays one of So Ji Sub’s colleague. Go Chang Suk is playing So Ji Sub’s friend and this is the second time the two actors have worked together. Also, Son Ye Jin and So Ji Sub previously filmed the drama “Delicious Proposal” back in 2001.

The film is expected to be released sometime in 2018.

Source: Soompi


Pre-viewing Thoughts: “Somehow 18”

Somehow 18-P1.jpg

Another day, another time – slip drama. “Somehow 18” (Korean title 어쩌다18) is a jTBC produced web drama. Let’s see what’s it about!


Oh Kyung Hwi (Choi Minho) is a resident in the orthopedics department. He gets transported back in time to when he was 18. Enduring his hellish high school days once again, he tries to save his first love Han Na Bi (Lee Yoo Bi).

Characters and Actors

Oh Kyung Hwi (Choi Minho)

“Somehow 18” jTBC/ Naver TV Cast

Oh Kyung Hwi is a 28 years old orthopedics resident at Baekje University hospital. He’s popular, charismatic and confident. But he wasn’t always like this. Back in high school, he was a loner and victim of bullying. He was close to committing suicide. Until one girl saved him. Han Na Bi. His first love. He never got over her suicide.

Choi Minho

Choi Minho might be best known as part of the idol group Shinee. He debuted as an actor in 2010 in KBS2’s drama special “Pianist”. Since then he has starred in multiple dramas such as “Salamander Guru and the Shadows”, “To the Beautiful You”, “Because it’s the First Time” and “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth”. He made his big screen debut with “Canola”.

Han Na Bi (Lee Yoo Bi)

“Somehow 18” (C) jTBC/ Naver TV Cast

Han Na Bi is a former classmate of Oh Kyung Hwi. She is the one who gave him the strength to endure the harassment, though she never knew. For unknown reasons, she committed suicide, when they were 18.

Lee Yoo Bi

Lee Yoo Bi began her career in the drama “Vampire Idol”. She later had supporting roles in dramas such as “The Innocent Man”, “Gu Family Book” and “Pinocchio”. Her first lead role was as Jo Yang Sun in “Scholar Who Walks the Night”, for which she received the “Best New Actress Award” (in a miniseries).

Choi Minho and Lee Yoo Bi at the press conference of “Somehow 18” (C) Kim Doo Hong


I don’t have any big expectation. Web dramas are always good as an in between snack. 15 minutes are easy and fast to digest, so I’ll definitely dig in.

“Somehow 18” will premiere on the 28th of August at 7:00 am KST on Naver TV Cast. Let me know in the comments below if you’re going to join Oh Kyung Hwi in his quest to save his first love.

Teaser and Script Reading Video For Detective – Fantasy Drama “Black” Released

OCN released the first teaser for its upcoming detective – fantasy drama “Black”. The teaser is quite nondescript, but it conveys a good atmosphere for a drama focused on death. Check it out yourself:

“Black” will focus on Detective Black (Song Seung Heon) who is possessed by the Grim Reaper. Kang Ha Ram (Go Ara) is a woman who can see the shadows of death. These two try to save humans while fighting against the laws of heaven.

Here is a look at the dry rehearsals for the drama:

“Black” will start airing sometime in October this year on OCN. Maybe Grim Reapers will become the next big thing in Dramaland. What do you think?

“Along With The Gods – Part 1” Received its Release Date

Cha Tae Hyun (C) Yonhap News

The new movie of director Kim Yong Hwa “Along With The Gods – Part 1” finally received a release date. The adaptation of the same named popular webtoon will premiere on the 20th of December 2017. The second part is supposed to premiere in the summer of 2018.

“Along with the Gods – Part 1” follows the story of an ordinary man, Ja Hong (played by Cha Tae Hyun) who will receive 7 trials in 49 days to find out how he lived his life and where he deserves to spend eternity. Ha Jung Woo is going to play the grim reaper, Kang Rim, who escorts Ja Hong into the underworld and assigns a public defender for him.

Ha Jung Woo (C) Yonhap News

The main cast includes Ju Ji Hoon, EXO’s Do Kyung Soo (D.O.), Lee Jung Jae and Kim Hyang Gi. Kim Ha Neul, Kim Hae Sook, Lee Kyeong Yeong, Jang Gwang, Jung Hae Kyun and Kim Soo An will appear as the judges of the trial and display unique personalities.

Source: Kookbang

Movie Preview: “The Mimic” (Korean 장산범/ Jangsanbeom)

The Mimic-p2.jpg

“The Mimic” is a Korean Horror movie directed by Heo Jeong also known for the movie “Hide and Seek”. Will it be scary? I hope so!


A family left the city life behind and moved into their new home in the countryside. The place is idyllic; surrounded by trees and nature. One day, Hoe Yeon (Yeom Jeong Ah) finds a little girl (Sin Rin Ah) in the woods. She does not seem to have a family, so she and her husband take her in. Her husband (Park Hyeog Gweon) is fascinated by the fact that she has the exact same voice as their daughter  Ju Hyeon (Bang Yu Seol). But soon people around Hoe Yeon start to go missing…

This is the international trailer:


The story of the movie is inspired by the legend of the Jangsan tiger, a mythical human – eating being which lures humans to them, by imitating the sound of a wailing woman or a stream. If you’d like to know more, I found this blog to be very interesting.

In principle, for me, every horror movie which entails children behave out of the norm to be creepy. If it’s “The Children”, the original “Omen” or “Village of the Damned”, a child behaving abnormally holds a different kind of horror than a psychopath wielding his chainsaw. I’m prepared to be creeped out by this and am looking forward to it!

The movie will be released on the 17th of August in Korean cinemas.

Fans Send Birthday Gift to Yeo Jin Goo at the Set of “Reunited Worlds”

It was Yeo Jin Goo’s birthday on the 13th of  August and the fans of the actor didn’t forget him. Yeo Jin Goo who currently stars as Sung Hae Sung – a young man who returned from the dead – the male lead of the SBS fantasy – romance drama “Reunited Worlds” uploaded two pictures on his Instagram along with a thank you to his fans who send a coffee and bingsu (Korean shaved ice) truck to his filming location.

“You’re always giving me a lot of strength/support!!!!! Thank you very, very much for the congratulations!!!!!!! I want to thank everyone who congratulated me today!!!!!!!! I am so happy!!!!!!!! Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!” was the message he attached to the pictures.

You can see more of the adorable Yeo Jin Goo every Thursday and Friday at 10:00 pm KST on SBS.

Source: Instagram

New ‘Behind the Scenes’ Stills for “The Bride of the Water God”

“The Bride of the Water God” (C) tvN

On the 12th of August, the staff behind the tvn fantasy – romance drama “The Bride of the Water God” released ‘Behind the Scenes’ pictures of the two main actors, Shin Se Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk.

The pictures were taken during the rehearsal for a couple of sweet and romantic moments between the Water God and his servant of the gods.

You can catch “The Bride of the Water God” every Monday and Tuesday at 10:50 pm KST on tvN.

Source: Pop Herald