Fans Send Birthday Gift to Yeo Jin Goo at the Set of “Reunited Worlds”

It was Yeo Jin Goo’s birthday on the 13th of  August and the fans of the actor didn’t forget him. Yeo Jin Goo who currently stars as Sung Hae Sung – a young man who returned from the dead – the male lead of the SBS fantasy – romance drama “Reunited Worlds” uploaded two pictures on his Instagram along with a thank you to his fans who send a coffee and bingsu (Korean shaved ice) truck to his filming location.

“You’re always giving me a lot of strength/support!!!!! Thank you very, very much for the congratulations!!!!!!! I want to thank everyone who congratulated me today!!!!!!!! I am so happy!!!!!!!! Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!” was the message he attached to the pictures.

You can see more of the adorable Yeo Jin Goo every Thursday and Friday at 10:00 pm KST on SBS.

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New ‘Behind the Scenes’ Stills for “The Bride of the Water God”

“The Bride of the Water God” (C) tvN

On the 12th of August, the staff behind the tvn fantasy – romance drama “The Bride of the Water God” released ‘Behind the Scenes’ pictures of the two main actors, Shin Se Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk.

The pictures were taken during the rehearsal for a couple of sweet and romantic moments between the Water God and his servant of the gods.

You can catch “The Bride of the Water God” every Monday and Tuesday at 10:50 pm KST on tvN.

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Gong Myung Receives Praise For His Style in “The Bride of the Water God”

(C) iMBC Cha Soo Hyun / Photo tvN

Gong Myung has once again caught the attention of the public. The actor and singer who currently stars as wind God Bi Ryeom in the tvN fantasy – romance drama “The Bride of the Water God”, had previously received praise for the way he portrays the free spirited trouble maker God.

Now the expression of his character through his outfits is also being appreciated. From colorful suits to mixing different patterns or a relaxed jumper; the playfulness, unpredictability, and uniqueness of the charming character capture the viewer’s attention. His silver hair gives the look the final touch.

Catch Gong Myung on “The Bride of the Water God” on Monday 10:50 pm on tvN or your trustworthy streaming site of choice.

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Even if he’s receiving acknowledgment by the public, he made sure to show us that he’s still down to earth and retained his little kid humor:

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New Blockbuster Drama Based On Webtoon About Zombies “Dreamcide” announced

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(C) Shin Weol

Hit webtoon “Dreamcide” will be produced into a drama!

TV content production company, Monster Union, will be partnering with Asia’s top VFX Studio, Dexter Studio, to create a cinematic drama based on Hong Jung Hoon’s novel-turned-webtoon.

The story follows a high schooler who has the power to travel within a seven-year period. When a zombie apocalypse strikes, the hero tries to change the future in order to save the world.

The work had been praised for its Hollywood SF material, especially delving into topics of love, friendship, and humanism all in the midst of dealing with people who are desperate for survival. The web novel and webtoon together garnered a total of 1.4 million subscribers.

This project is receiving a lot of attention especially because of its production lineup. Director Kim Yong Hwa, known for “200 Pounds Beauty” and “Take Off” is participating in this work. Additionally, producer Kim Hong Sun, who is known for OCN’s “Voice” and tvN’s “Pied Piper,” will be joining the crew as well.

A source from “Dreamcide” said, “There are many top actors in consideration for this work. It will be pre-produced during the latter half of 2017, and shooting will commence in early 2018. We are aiming to air the show sometime in late 2018.”

Source: Soompi

This sounds like it’s going to be high quality. After “Kingdom” this is going to be the next big zombie themed drama.

Jo Jung Suk To Star as Male Lead in New MBC Fantasy Romance Drama

Two Cops (Korean Drama)-a00.jpg

MBC has confirmed its plans to air their new drama “Two Cops” sometime in November.

On July 31, a source from MBC stated, “‘Two Cops’ will be airing as a Monday-Tuesday drama in November. Jo Jung Suk has been confirmed as the male lead.”

“Two Cops” is a fantasy romance drama about a tough reporter and a righteous homicide detective who becomes possessed by a swindler’s ghost. Jo Jung Suk will be playing the cop, whose personality is similar to his previous character from the SBS drama “Don’t Dare to Dream (Jealousy Incarnate).”

Meanwhile, Han Ji Min, whose name was brought up as a potential female lead, ended up not taking the role.

Source: Soompi

“The Bride of the Water God”‘s Shin Se Kyung Thanks her Fans

On the 29th of July, Shin Se Kyung celebrated her birthday on the set of the tvN drama “The Bride of the Water God” in which she stars as So Ah, the female lead. The cast and staff enjoyed a birthday cake together.

To Shin Se Kyung’s and her colleagues surprise her fans didn’t forget her special day and send a truck with tea and coffee as a birthday gift to the set. This gift was much appreciated by the team as their struggling with filming the drama in the heat and humidity of the rainy season. Shin Se Kyung took thank you pictures with the truck and posted them on her Instagram.

Shin Se Kyung expressed her gratitude to her fans by saying,”I was very surprised as I didn’t think of my birthday. Because my fans cheered me on, not only I but all of the staff were able to complete the shoot pleasantly. I want to express my thanks to those that congratulated me.”

Source: TV Report

You can catch a new episode of “The Bride of the Water God” every Monday and Tuesday on tvN or on the streaming side of your preference.

LaBoum’s Sol Bin Thanks “Reunited Worlds” Co – Star Lee Yeon Hee


Sol Bin, a member of the girl group LaBoum gave an interview to SBS funE about her role as a restaurant employee in the fantasy romance drama “Reunited Worlds”. Sol Bin’s acts as Nam Soon Jin – the friendliest with Jung Jung Weon (Lee Yeon Hee) in the restaurant – who welcomes guests and serves them food and adds natural fun to the episodes when she appears.

Solbin says about her character, “Soon Jin is a very sociable and active person, who puts in a lot of effort to have a bright atmosphere at the restaurant and to become its mascot.” She shared, that she and Lee Jeon Hee shared acting stories when they first met. “Lee Jeon Hee approached me first and told me some trivial story and I want to honestly say ‘thank you’, because of that I was able to be more comfortable (on set, around her).”

Solbin is an idol singer and has been working as a music host while starting her acting career with small roles. After the drama “Solomon’s Perjury” and the movie “Dual: Final Round”, “Reunited Worlds” is her third acting job. “I want to seriously pursue acting. I want to show the viewers different kinds of characters, like cute acting actors or serious characters.”

“Reunited Worlds” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00 pm KST. You can either check it out on SBS or on the streaming website of your choice.

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