Me Being Me

In a bar in Hong Kong last Saturday.

Me: *looks attentively at the television screen, which is playing music videos* Woah, I really like that song. That singer is really hot! I didn’t know they have Fantastic Duo in China!! This song is so emotional, even though I don’t understand a word!!! I need to google this, download it and listen to it on repeat!!!!

Friend whose not interested in Asian music: You’re already into Japanese and Korean Music. If you’re going after Chinese music now, what’s next? Mongolia?

Me: Mongolia.


No, I can’t. But, I might be missing out on gems! I’m already so busy though, that would be a bad idea!

*inner conflict intensifies*

*turns to friend*

How dare you, you monster!

Friend whose not interested in Asian music: *smirks*

Seriously though, I’ve been suppressing the urge to google…like I can’t get into anything new…if someone wants to recommend me Mongolian music, please do…please don’t…don’t listen to me…