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New Teaser Trailer and Character Visuals Released for Fullmetal Alchemist live action Adaption

A new teaser trailer and character visuals were unveiled during the fan event of the upcoming Fullmetal Alchemist live action film held on July 12 in Tokyo.

We get a better look at Yamada Ryosuke dressed in Edward Elric’s famed red cloak and his brother Alphonse in his fantastic CGI form.


Character images were also unveiled for Tsubasa Honda as Winry Rockbell, as well as the Eastern Headquarters’ military characters such as Dean Fujioka as Roy Mustang, Ryuta Sato as Captain Maes Hughes and Misako Renbutsu as Riza Hawkeye.

Visuals are also out for the “Homunculi”, who make up the antagonistic side force of FMA with Yasuko Matsuyuki as Lust, Kanata Hongo as Envy and Shinji Uchiyama as Gluttony.

Catch the third teaser trailer down below!

Fullmetal Alchemist live action will open December 1 in Japan.

Source: Aramajapan

Bride of the Water God Episode 2 Recap/Review

Bride of the Water God_Episode 1_2

Hello, everyone! And here we are back again with the recap/review for episode 2 of Habaek and his bride.

The episode first takes us back to water country. The High Priest explains to one of his acolytes, that So Ah is fated to die before Habaek returns for his coronation. After dropping this piece of information on us, we switch right back to So Ah and Habaek. Habaek bestows the “divine blessing” on her. This time we also see the expression in their eyes. Or in So Ah’s case, her closing her eyes. The moment (and the romantic music) gets interrupted by Habaek himself, who pushes So Ah back, declaring that she is now his servant and if she refuses, she’ll face many tribulations. A stunned So Ah listens to him rambling on:

Well? It feels as if something slowly crept into your heart and hit on your head doesn’t it? Know that it is an honor to be given a God’s kiss. – A narcissist (Habaek)

Nam Soo Rim grabs Habaek and carries him away as fast as he can, before So Ah can return to her senses. Habaek, frustrated by his servant’s disobedient behavior scolds and orders him to fix to what he did. Nam Soo Rim at least understands what was wrong with the whole blessing situation…

Bride of the Water God_Episode 2_1
Bless Nam Soo Rim

An exhausted So Ah makes it home. Bewildered she tries to figure out why she closed her eyes. In order to avoid any mental trauma she has to, though it seems too late for that.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 2_2
I’m creeping in your heart babe….

So Ah is denying all her feelings. And so is Habaek while standing at the Hangang. The only reason why his heart fluttered was that the world has changed. He’s also sure that his blessing was successful and So Ah will come and seek him out.

The next morning So Ah gets up. She’s still haunted by the kiss, but with a start realizes it’s already 10 a.m. She’s late for work. Suddenly her alarm goes off. It’s a voice alarm by her nurse Yoo Sang Yoo (he finally has a name!), telling her it’s Sunday. And a few other things as well.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 2_3

Habaek is confronted with a lot of people at the Hangang. A God just wants his peace. But humans can be scary too.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 2_4
Real life ajumma squad.

Habaek and Nam Soo Rim watch a skateboard tournament. But not without purpose. After the professionals, there is a competition for beginners. The first prize is 100.000 W, so Nam Soo Rim begs his master to compete, but to not overdo it. But a God does not know humbleness. At least not this one. Habaek decides that he wants to win all prizes by showing off his skating abilities. So Ah, who has left the house, unable to sleep anymore, joins the crowd of his onlookers. Their eyes meet.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 2_5
The Matrix: Water god edition

So Ah realizes that it’s really Habaek and flees. But Habaek and Nam Soo Rim are hot on her heels. Habaek is sure she has awakened and came to find him. Even Nam Soo Rim pointing out that running away isn’t truly a sign of searching for someone, Habaek stubbornly holds on to his opinion. Nam Soo Rim falls back, so Habaek continues on by himself and follows So Ah in an underpass.  There he is greeted by the same ajumma squad. So Ah hides somewhere in the crowd in perfect workout camouflage undiscernable from the other females.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 2_6
Ajumma Army

So Ah escapes successfully and collapses on stairs next to the Hangang. She questions why she had to run into Habaek. Then she sees a teenager drop a football in the river. She looks out at the water. Looking at the waves results in her having an anxiety attack and bad feelings resurface.

Nam Soo Rim and Habaek didn’t receive the prize money. The organizer of the event obviously didn’t want to give the amateur prize to a pro. Nam Soo Rim scolds his master. His stomach is grumbling and if he had been Habaek, he would have done everything in his power to get the money.

Hoo Yee makes an appearance in the following scene. One of his managers informs him about the progress of buying up land for the newest project. Everything is going fine, with the exception of a certain part of land which belongs to Chairman Shin. Hoo Yee has to negotiate with him in person, as he is a tough bone in regards to money.

Nam Soo Rim explains to Habaek that he’s far more human-like. He gets tired faster and he’s also hungry, so he needs food. Habaek as his master decides to solve the problem. He takes Nam Soo Rim to So Ah’s clinic, as he held on to the business card he’d received last episode.

They get out of the taxi at the crossing across from So Ah’s clinic. Meanwhile, Hoo Yee is on his way to meet Chairman Shin and his car stops at the same crossing. So Ah is coming towards that crossing looking for Section Chief Bang (I think he’s the landlord) to ask him to not raise her clinic’s security deposit. On the crossing she decides to help an elderly man.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 2_7

But because of that, she loses sight of the Section Chief. To her “delight” Habaek and Nam Soo Rim appear again. After enduring another round of Habaek’s “delusions”, So Ah pulls Nam Soo Rim aside, assuming that he’s Habaek’s guardian. She scolds him for not getting Habaek proper help. Nam Soo Rim tells her that they don’t have anyone and asks her to help them. So Ah, however, refers to the Community Center as she believes that it’s the countries obligation to take care of its citizen in need and not the duty of other citizens. We see a short flashback of a young girl entering a room. Other kids are already sitting inside, eating or playing. So Ah explains that in her position, she can’t be of any help. Habaek points out that she helped the old man before, but So Ah is having none of it denying her helping that man in any way. She tells them if they ever appear again, she’ll call the police.

Nam Soo Rim takes Habaek to a pear field. 50 years ago when he visited the human world the last time, he buried some gold there. Poor Nam Soo Rim couldn’t have foreseen the future of Seoul. Where once a pear field used to be, high rises are now standing next to each other. And there is no way to retrieve the gold. But Habaek is feeling generous and buys his starving servant food. Regaining some strength, Nam Soo Rim points out that Habaek still must be a God as he still doesn’t feel hungry. He also points out how hopeless their situation is. This is when Habaek interrupts him and tells the person who was secretly following them to come out and show himself. The man approaches and introduces himself as Joo Geol Rin. The moment Nam Soo Rim recognizes the name, Joo Geol Rin throws himself at Habaek.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 2_8
Habaek receives a “divine blessing”

Joo Geol Rin runs off. Nam Soo Rim has to explain to an angry Habaek who he is. As Habaek doesn’t remember anyone he deems worthless. But Nam Soo Rim asks Habaek wondering why all these years ago Joo Geol Rin suddenly challenged him. Habaek says he doesn’t know. But ultimately that led to Joo Geol Rin’s exile to the human world and him holding a grudge against Habaek.

Hoo Ye meets with Chairman Shin, who is also the owner of So Ah’s building. While Hoo Yee and Chairman Shin (actually Uncle Chairman Shin, but Hoo Ye isn’t fond of his Uncle) discuss the sale of Chairman Shin’s property, So Ah barges in to address her impending security deposit raise. Startled she see’s Hoo Yee sitting next to Chairman Shin, but ignoring him as best as she can, she continues. But with Chairman Shin, a man who values money over everything else, she doesn’t have any luck. He shuts her down right away and scolds her for having no common sense. So Ah leaves Chairman Shin’s office, embarrassed and disappointed.

So Ah receives a call from Yoo Sang Yong (the nurse) that her patient believing in aliens, who was supposed to enter a mental hospital today, escaped. Yoo Sang Yong wants So Ah to look for him, but she declines, at it’s not their clinic’s responsibility.

Habaek and Nam Soo Rim are taking the subway back. The kid opposite of Habaek is eating a corn dog. Habaek’s stomach grumbles. It seems as if Joo Geol Rin put a curse on Habaek (or it just took longer for his body to change) and now Habaek feels hunger for the first time. The woman standing next to Habaek’s seat is watching an advertisement on her smartphone. A long-haired woman in white clothes stands with the back towards the camera. Still, Habaek seems to recognize her as Mura, one of the guardians of the God Stones. The woman receives a call and stops the advertisement. As they arrive at the next station she leaves the train. Habaek on a whimp follows her. Nam Soo Rim, transfixed by the kid eating the corn dog is oblivious that his master just left the train. Only mere seconds before the doors close he does and tries to follow him, but ultimately they are separated.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 2_9
A believer meets his “alien”

Habaek and his new “fan” Ma Beong Yeol have returned to Habaek’s castle at the Hangang. The mental health patient bought lots of food for Habaek, but Habaek is still resisting the temptation of it. He is a God, after all, he doesn’t need food. Ma Beong Yeol gently places a fried chicken leg in Habaek’s hand.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 2_10
When you’re friend forgets you’re on a diet and hands you fried chicken…

The patient assumes that Habaek is one of the aliens in command, but Habaek shatters everything Ma Beong Yeol thought he knew. Habaek explains that the person that supposedly contacted Ma Beong Yeol is a fraud, as he Habaek doesn’t know a person by that name in all of water -, sky- and earth country. With that unknowingly, he exposes the real reasons behind Ma Beong Yeol’s delusions and he has a mental breakdown. So Ah, has arrived at Habaek’s castle and approaches the patient to help him. Nurse Yoo, who didn’t give up in finding the missing patient, had previously informed her that Ma Beong Yeol is suicidal. So Ah tries to calm Ma Beong Yeol down, but Ma Beong Yeol doesn’t have any trust in her. He calls her out on just nodding to his stories while sitting behind her desk. His emotions spiral and he decides to end his life by jumping in the river. So Ah’s trauma resurfaces as she can’t approach the river until a certain point. She pleads with Ma Beong Yeol, but he dismisses her, telling her again that she never really listened to him and never had any real interest in saving him. So Ah denies it, but her anxiety attack wins her over. We see a flashback from 14 years ago. A young So Ah is standing on the bridge. Calling her father whose number became unavailable. She swears to make him regret it.


Bride of the Water God_Episode 2_11
“I regretted it”. – So Ah


Ma Beong Yeol takes So Ah’s quietness for disinterest and jumps into the river. This pulls So Ah out of her memories, but she still struggles with her resurfacing trauma and can’t get close enough to her patient. She tries to call the police, while Ma Beong Yeol is screaming for her to save him. So Ah gathers strength again to get closer to Ma Beong Yeol, but Habaek stops her. He decides to pull Ma Beong Yeol out of the water. So Ah jumps to her patient. He survived even if he’s in a sour mood. So Ah gets up and turns to Habaek. She walks towards him…


Bride of the Water God_Episode 2_14
An honest surprise hug makes even a water gods heart skip a beat



In total, I enjoyed this episode way more than the pilot. It felt like this time the actors embraced the absurdity of the script and just ran with it. If it continues in that way, not taking itself and its story too seriously, I’d be happy to follow Habaek’s story until the end.

I approve of the last scene. I can see how So Ah feels. It must have felt as if Habaek did not only save her patient but also herself. Nam Joo Hyuk’s acting went for me from mostly cringe in the first episode to mostly overacted and overbearing, but that fits a slapstick-heavy drama, so I’m fine with that. Nam Soo Rim is still a shining star.

Acting-wise, Nam Joo Hyuk’s acting went for me from mostly cringe in the first episode to mostly overacted and overbearing in this episode, but that fits a slapstick-heavy drama, so I’m fine with that. Nam Soo Rim is still a shining star. And shoutout for the actor of Ma Beong Yeol, he gave it his all.

Assorted Musings

  • Nam Soo Rim used to be a fish
  • That whole skateboard scene was just otherworldly cringe funny
  • Nam Soo Rim is a cutie
  • Habaek forsaking So Ah. At this point, she’d pay money to never see his face again
  • So Ah has been hearing voices throughout the whole episode. It seems she is in the process of awakening, but it’s a rather slow process.
  • If blessings and curses are transferred through kisses, I’m all for it. That scene with Joo Geol Rin was hilarious!
  • Hoo Yee teasing So Ah with not having to pay for the wiper, but then snatching the opportunity away, right in front of her eyes. Give that woman a break!
  • I was wondering why Habaek didn’t make the alien believer his servant. He was already believing him anyway
  • When police stations hate you, they are not obliged to help you…. Eh what?

Also if someone is writing a fanfiction about Habaek and his chicken leg (his one true love), or a crossover with Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (that woman can teach him a few things about chicken) please let me know!


Bride of the Water God_Episode 2_12
True Love


So now it’s your turn. Did you enjoy the episode? Did you start shipping Habaek and his fried chicken leg as well? Or did you give up any hope on this drama and Nam Joo Hyuk’s acting? Let me know in the comments and read you soon!






Song Joong Ki In Talks To Appear In Upcoming Zombie Drama


Song Joong Ki may be starring in the Netflix original series “Kingdom.”

On July 5, his agency Blossom Entertainment relayed to news outlet Sports Chosun, “Song Joong Ki has recently received an offer for ‘Kingdom,’ but he has not decided to star in it yet. ‘Kingdom’ is one of the many projects he has received an offer for.”

“Kingdom” is a Korean original Netflix series surrounding a crown prince of Joseon, who investigates an unknown epidemic and finds out about a horrifying fact that puts the whole nation in danger. It will be a historical drama containing elements of zombies. The drama was written by screenwriter Kim Eun Hee, the writer behind tvN’s “Signal,” SBS’s “Ghost,” “Sign,” and more. It will have a total of eight episodes and will go into production during the later half of 2017.

Source: Soompi

A historical drama containing elements of zombies? Well, sign me up! Maybe they’ll fight the zombies in Hanbogs? I haven’t read the Webtoon on which this series is based yet, but I might if I’ll find some time.

What about you? Did you read it? Excited for this project or already zombie-tired?

Welcome to Love Thy Dramas!

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What I’ll publish on this blog will be 90% related to Korean and Japanese dramas/movies specifically from the fantasy, horror and science-fiction genre. 5% will be related news to these topics. The rest most likely will be the occasional anime/book recommendation or something food related.

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