Dean Fujioka’s New Miraculous Project “Laut – The Man From The Sea” Releases Poster and Trailer


The first trailer for joint Japanese-Indonesian project “The Man From The Sea” gives an overall overview of the story. Takako (Mayu Tsuruta) and her son Takashi (Taiga)  work for a non-profit disaster recovery organization in Indonesia, Banda Aceh. When a mysterious man emerges from the sea and collapses on the beach, Takako receives a call. She rushes to the beach to meet the young man (Dean Fujioka) who seems to be Japanese. He shows symptoms of amnesia, so Takako decides to take care of him, even though reluctantly. They decide to call him “Laut” which means ocean in Indonesian. But soon they realize that he is more than he seems to be at a first glance.

This movie seems quite refreshing and serene. Though I have the feeling it’s going to be a tearjerker. It’s not too long until its release. In Japan, the movie will be released on the 26th of May. According to the Jakarta Post, it’ll be released in Indonesia in mid-2018, aka a summer release. Not much else information regarding an international release. But we can keep fingers crossed.

Source: Natalie


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