Movie Preview: “Tonight, At The Movies”


Director Hideki Takeuchi is trying to enchant us with his romantic tale “Tonight, At The Movies” (Jap. 今夜、ロマンス劇場で/ romanization Konya, Romansu Gekijo de/ literal ‘Tonight, At Romance Theater’). Will this impossible romance make my heart flutter (and maybe even break it) or will it leave me cold? Let’s check out what we know:


Kenji (Kentaro Sakaguchi) is a young man who aspires to become a movie director. But he is still far off of his goal and has to work at a movie theater to make ends meet. Not that he does mind though. This gives him the opportunity to see the woman he fell for whenever he wants to. Even though she is out of his reach. For Kenji fell for Miyuki (Haruka Ayase) a princess in a popular movie. But then the unthinkable happens. When lightning strikes the movie theater, Princess Miyuki is thrown out of her black and white prison and into the real world. Kenji tries his best to help Miyuki to adjust to her new surroundings. And little by little the two grow closer. But there is something which keeps them apart. Miyuki can never feel the warmth of a real person. For she will disappear if that happens.

(c) “Tonight, At The Movies” Warner Bros.

But there is more trouble on the horizon for the two of them. Can the love between the young man and the monochrome princess survive?

Here are the released teaser and trailer:


Trailer 1

The second trailer also contains the theme song “Kiseki” by singer Che’Nelle:

Trailer 2


From the second I’ve seen the first poster, I was already enamoured. It reminded me a bit of “Pleasantville”, just the other way around, and I do love “Pleasantville”. I also really like the vibrancy of the colors. It looks just so beautiful. And the blossoming love between Kenji and Miyuki just seems so sweet. Kenji is trying his best to take care of his princess, his earnestness makes me giddy. It does help that actor Kentaro Sakaguchi is swoon-worthy himself. I’m expecting a romantic tale which will make me smile like an idiot, have butterflies in my tummy and cry like a baby. Hopefully, it won’t disappoint me.

(c) “Tonight, At The Movies” Warner Bros.

“Tonight, At The Movies” will premiere on the 10th of February in Japan. What do you think of this romantic tale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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