The Bride of the Water God Episode 12 Recap/Review

Bride of the Water God_Episode 1_2

Welcome to the recap/review of “The Bride of the Water God” episode 12. At the end of episode 11, a furious Moo Ra snatched away So Ah, to finally reveal the truth about her ancestor’s sin. Let’s  finally find it out!

1.200 years ago, humans sacrificed a girl to the water god. Her name was Nak Bin. Habaek took her in and fell in love with her. During that time the King of the wind country was greedy. He was looking to destroy the realm and rebuild it in the way he wished to. For that, he needed Habaek’s power. He promised Nak Bin eternal life if she’d deliver a curse to Habaek. She agreed. The curse robbed Habaek of his power’s during the day and returned him back to a child. At night he regained them and returned to an adult. But Nak Bin never received her eternal life. She was captured by Habaek. The verdict of the Queen Mother was that she was to be killed and her blood used to lift the curse. She would receive her wish in a different way. There would be no reincarnation or nirvana for her. Nak Bin pleaded with him to save her. That she didn’t know that it was a curse. That she did it out of love. To be with him. Forever. But all Habaek had to say to her was that he’d never forgive her.

On the day Nak Bin was executed, Habaek wandered through the garden, Moo Ra trailing behind him. Fleeting images of his time with Nak Bin passed through his mind. He remembered his time with Nak Bin. Nak Bin was dragged to the beach.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 12_1
Nak Bin drowned in the ocean. She cried for Habaek to save her.

But Habaek did nothing. After her death, Habaek’s curse was lifted. But Nak Bin’s death wasn’t enough for the Queen Mother. She wanted the lives of Nak Bin’s Brother and Nephew. The brother made a foolish deal for his life with the Queen and promised the services of his descendants to the gods. That’s how Moo Ra’s story ends. She smirks at So Ah.

“That’s ridicolous. What does that have to do with me? Let’s say my ancestors betrayed this country, killed someone or stole something a thousand years ago. What does that have to do with me? Am I suppossed to feel guilty for what she did? Too bad. You can only feel guilty when you feel you did something wrong.”

Habaek is still waiting for So Ah to return. It’s already dark when she comes in, acting as if she just went for a long walk. Habaek wants to know what happened, but So Ah acts aloof.  He demands to know. She heard about his old love story. Nak Bin. But why should she care for something that happened a 1000 years ago? Habaek needs to know more. What is it she really wants to say? Go. Leave this house as soon as possible and go back as soon as possible. Habaek turns to leave, she’s not someone to give him commands. You did nothing, So Ah proclaims, antagonizing the water god further. Nothing to save the woman you loved. Habaek exits the house and slams the door rush. Tears drop down So Ah’s face.

For Moo Ra didn’t only tell So Ah about Nak Bin. She also begged her to let Habaek go. Water Country needs Habaek as Habaek needs Water Country. If he isn’t King, then he is nothing. He needs to return before he weakens even more. She needs to let him go and not be like Nak Bin. After Nak Bin’s death, Habaek punished himself. Moo Ra doesn’t want to see this happen again.

Bi Ryeom waits in front of Moo Ra’s bedroom. Deciding that enough time has passed, he opens the door. Moo Ra is standing in the middle of her room. She wishes she could lose herself in alcohol as humans can. She hates this. She had to confirm to So Ah that Habaek loves her. Why did she have to do that to make So Ah push Habaek away? Why was this the only way? Bi Ryeom answers her that she had to do what she needed to and she shouln’t regret it.

2017-08-10 (3).png
While hugging her, Bi Ryeom tells Moo Ra that he’d punch Habaek for her if she’d let him. As usual, Moo Ra doesn’t want to hear any of that.

Habaek and So Ah both spend the night restless. Early the next morning, Habaek gets up and dresses. He stares at the door connecting his room with So Ah’s apartment but decides to walk out on the roof. He wakes Nam Soo Ri up, who’s still asleep.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 12_3
Is Nam Soo Ri finally receiving a word of appreciation from his master?

He tells Nam Soo Ri to inform So Ah that they are going to have breakfast together. After the meal, he returns their phones to her and tells her to cancel the contract. Also to inform Nam Soo Ri’s employers that he wouldn’t return to work and to get rid of his clothes and books.

“Don’t stay out late. I heard there is a light that turns on automatically when it gets dark. Get it for your door. And don’t eat cup noodles all the time. Try to make yourself proper food even if you’re not a good cook. Also, don’t clean the house once in a million years. Try to clean often. It’ll be easier that way. For the streetlight in the alley, I heard you can submit a complaint when it’s not working. Even if it feels like a hassle , it’s better than just walking in the dark. Just submit a complaint. You like doing things like that.”

He asks Nam Soo Ri to give them some privacy.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 12_4
How to say goodbye

They will return right away Habaek tells her. So Ah is surprised. She wants at least drive them to the gate, but Habaek declines. There is no need. Nam Soo Ri is already waiting outside. Bi Ryeom is there as well, assigned to drive them to the land of the gods. Habaek leaves without another word, without looking back. Nam Soo Ri hurries after him while wishing So Ah to take care of herself. Bi Ryeom is the last one to leave. He looks at her expression, at her tear stained cheeks, but there is nothing he can do. He leaves with a shrug. At the gate to the realm of the gods, Habaek looks back for the last time, before entering.

Shin Ja Ya receives an other to replace a reporter. But it’s a documentation about Sailfish. She tries to avoid the offer, but in the end, accepts in defeat. That is until Secretary Min sweeps in. He takes her phone away and calls them back, telling them that they’d have to clean the boat straight away. She’d be vomiting the moment she’d set foot on that boat. That resolves the issue. Ja Ya is grateful and speechless. A rare occurrence.

At their apartment, Moo Ra is taking the kissing practice seriously. But that weird puppet Bi Ryeom bought her, is avoiding her attempts to plant her lips on it. Bi Ryeom chuckles at her and asks if she’d rather had a good – looking mannequin. But it’s not as if that would resolve the problem. It’s about Moo Ra scaring the bejeezus out of her co – actors.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 12_5
Bi Ryeom is such a tease. I love it.

Bi Ryeom is kind enough to let her know that he’d be more than willing to help her practice. Moo Ra doesn’t answer him but instead inquires about So Ah. How is she doing since Habaek left?

So Ah is keeping herself busy and is putting on a happy facade. Nurse Yoo and Yeom Mi are both concerned, especially after finding out, that she’s even going on a blind date. Yeom Mi takes So Ah out for coffee to find out more about what happened between her and the water ghost. Yeom Mi is relieved that they broke up, but she is concerned that So Ah hasn’t cried. So Ah has neither the time nor does she want to talk with Yeom Mi about her feelings. She leaves Yeom Mi, who herself is sad about Nam Soo Ri’s departure and wishes she would have made a move on him.

At So Ah’s clinic, Nurse Yoo prepared coffee for Hoo Ye. Also, he seems to hear the wedding bells for the two of them as he confides a lot of information to Hoo Ye, some of it rather private. Before he can tell him more, So Ah arrives and takes Hoo Ye with her into her office to start their session. They talk about their last session and what happened So Ah apologizes again and investigates if he had a bad dream. The answer is yes. She tells him to try and not think about the bad things which happened to him. Maybe he’d be willing to tell her about his past? It’s too early for Hoo Ye and he declines. So Ah wishes for him to confine into her, she is here to help him. Hoo Ye watches her after she lowers her head to take notes of the session. He blurts out that they should go for dinner. So Ah tries to decline, but Hoo Ye beats her by saying that they’d be having dinner alone if not with each other.

Bi Ryeom and Moo Ra went out to a restaurant. Moo Ra is complaining. There is no need for them to eat, why are they here? Bi Ryeom tells her that it was her wish, wasn’t it? To be able to do the things humans do. Meanwhile, at the same restaurant, Hoo Ye is complaining to So Ah about her attitude? Haven’t they reached friend status yet? Both of them know so much about each other. And isn’t he this awesome, rich and good – natured person? She’s hurting his pride with her reluctance.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 12_7
They do look a bit like a gangster couple here.

Moo Ra proposes to go to another restaurant but Bi Ryeom doesn’t even listen. He tells his minion to take her home, while he takes off in his car. Moo Ra asks the minor god if he knows where Bi Ryeom is going, but as always the minor god stays quiet.

So Ah and Hoo Ye go on a walk after their dinner. They continue their friendship discussion. Hoo Ye’s feelings seem to be quite hurt and So Ah apologizes for that. But on the other hand, Hoo Ye also isn’t putting as much trust in her as he should put in a friend. She tells him that she can’t make him trust her, but she will put in more effort in proving him her reliability. Unexpectedly she spots the toy Habaek modeled with to make enough money to buy the cups for So Ah. Hoo Ye sees her gazing at it. He decides to buy it for her. Once again, So Ah interferes. She is far too old to receive a plush toy as a gift. Hoo Ye receives a call. Something came up at the resort and he has to leave. So Ah thanks him for the dinner and they say their goodbyes.

So Ah walks home, the toy in her arms. She visits places at her house and touches things which hold memories of Habaek. She ends up upstairs in his room. The book he was reading lies on the couch.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 12_8

The next day is difficult for So Ah. She is exhausted and tired and her patients are difficult. Luckily she only has one appointment in the afternoon. So Ah sits in her office chair, when Habaek materializes in front of her. Of course, he’s nothing more than he projection of her mind. But he speaks the truth within her heart. That it feels as if he was the one who dumped her and not the other way round. How she hates him for not catching her lie and staying with her. That she was wrong. There is no solution without hurting anyone.

Yeom Mi has another dream at her office. A soaked So Ah is standing in front of her. She tries to talk, but Yeom Mi can’t hear her. That’s when someone else walks in. His shoes are the only thing we can see. They are drenched. After she awakens, she calls So Ah straight away, that she needs to come and see her.

Moo Ra is at Hoo Ye’s office. Moo Ra confirms that Habaek returned to water country. Did So Ah tell him? What was it that she wanted in return. Hoo Ye tells her that if he’d already known he wouldn’t have asked her. Moo Ra came with an agenda of her own. She wants Hoo Ye to take So Ah and make her his. No matter what he may think, she doesn’t want humans to suffer because of the games of the gods. If she was really concerned about So Ah, Hoo Ye answers, wouldn’t she ask him to make her happy instead of just taking her? For Moo Ra, it doesn’t matter what he does. Just make her forget about Habaek.

Shin Ja Ya is surprised by Secretary Min who materializes out of thin air. Judging by her face, she has another problem. Ja Ya is more interested in how she can get him to become her manager. She needs dating advice again and she’s willing to pay. But Secretary Min doesn’t want money. He wants respect. Ja Ya is frustrated. Aren’t they the same age? She sure won’t call him ‘oppa’. But to get what she wants, she finally gives in. The meaning of the back hug is still haunting her and isn’t her cousin behaving more like a bad boy these days? Secretary Min tries to open her eyes. She should forget the incident. Hoo Ye is interested in her high school friend So Ah. In her car, Ja Ya calls her grandfather. She is furious and wants him to kick So Ah out of his building.

So Ah arrives at Yeom Mi’s office. Her best friend wants to predict her future. Something is fishy about So Ah constantly appearing in her dreams. But just when So Ah was about to give Yeom Mi her hand, she receives a call. They hurry back to So Ah’s office. Ja Ya got her will. Her grandfather kicked So Ah out. The movers are already there and putting away So Ah’s things into boxes.


Bride of the Water God_Episode 12_9
Who thought the alien believer can fight like that?


The whole group ends up at the police station. Mr Ma and Nurse Yoo are in a cell. Mr Ma still hasn’t calmed down. So Ah asks for leniency for her patient and that she as his doctor takes full responsibility for his actions. Hoo Ye enters the station. So Ah called him to help her in this situation. After they are finally are able to leave the station. Hoo Ye shares his amusement that she doesn’t have as many acquaintances. Just like him. He asks to drive her home. Once again So Ah declines. The cold air will wake her up and she lives close by. On her way home she receives a call from him. Is she not home yet? She must have lied about the distance then. So Ah answers that she just walked slowly. So Ah doesn’t even have to explain herself, Hoo Ye’s has been her shadow all the way. Unaware of that, she continues her way home. She tells him about Ja Ya and how she was the one who initiated everything. So Ah has no interest in her, why can’t she just let her be? She wants to either beg the building owner or Ja Ya to not kick her out. Hoo Ye advertises his threatening skills. Or should he just buy the building for her? When she rounds the corner and enters her street, So Ah doesn’t hear Hoo Ye’s voice anymore. She doesn’t hear anything. The phone slides out of her hand. As she looks at the one who can’t be standing at his favorite spot.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 12_10

Episode 12 ends with a happy reunion. Yay for So Ah. Yay for Habaek. I wonder what would happen to him if he just stayed in the human world. Will he turn to a human? But the minor gods didn’t. Maybe it’s different with the water god himself. Maybe there won’t be any more water because he’s ‘Nature’ and all that jazz.

This episode I particularly loved the budding relationship between Moo Ra and Bi Ryeom. Moo Ra is finally developing some feelings. But it got me thinking why Bi Ryeom only started to make a move now? How long has this been going on? Or is Moo Ra just really dense. Also, did Moo Ra already have her first kiss? Or is it going to be Bi Ryeom?

Yeom Mi shouldn’t be proud of her fortune telling skills. If she can’t foresee the imminent end of her best friend, what good are her skills? But her missing Nam Soo Ri is cute. I hope he is back as well.

One thing which I seriously disliked, and I think I wrote about it before, is the whole handling of the mental health patients and her work as a psychiatrist. It feels like a very cliche portraying off the people struggling with mental health, even if it was meant for comedic relief.

This is it. A wall of text and a couple of gifs. Let me know what you fought of episode 12 in the comments below.

As always thanks for reading.

Your fellow drama-addict,



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