The Bride of the Water God Episode 11 Recap/Review

Bride of the Water God_Episode 1_2

Welcome to the recap/review of “The Bride of the Water God” episode 11. At the end of episode 10, Hoo Ye attacked So Ah mistakenly, revealed his secret to her and was surprised by a steaming Water God. Let’s see what happens next.

Naturally, Habaek thinks that he caught So Ah and Hoo Ye in a promiscuous situation. There is only one answer for that. He storms down the stairs, grabs Hoo Ye and punches him. Hoo Ye holds off another punch, but instead of retaliating, Hoo Ye enters into a staring contest with Habaek. So Ah tells Habaek to stop. She apologizes toward Hoo Ye, which is enough to cool him and get his bidding. After apologizing he leaves.

2017-08-09 (8).png
No context is needed for Habaek. How dare So Ah think she can run after that half – god?

After the flames of anger have cooled down, Habaek asks So Ah about the context. Did really happen what he thinks happened? But So Ah is angry herself. Shouldn’t a god be above all this? What are we, she asks him. He let’s go of her hand and So Ah leaves.

Rain is pouring down on So Ah is she makes her way home. But she doesn’t mind. It masks her tears. Hoo Ye is walking through the rain as well. His face shows the distress about having lost control of himself. Habaek is still in So Ah’s office. He looks out at the rain. Yeom Mi awakes at her office from a dream. Another dream of So Ah. Confusing enough to be uninterpretable.

Yeom Mi awakes at her office from a dream. Another dream of So Ah. Confusing enough to be uninterpretable. To her surprise, So Ah in flesh and blood and soaked to the bones appears at her office. She asks Yeom Mi to let her stay at her place for the night. Under tears, she tells her that she can’t go home.

At his office, Hoo Ye awakes from nightmares. Joo Geol Rin is there to comfort him. Hoo Ye called him yesterday and waited for him in the rain. Hoo Ye asks him if it’s true what he told him before. That it’s not his fault for being born the way he was. Or did he just say that because he was afraid of him?

“If it wasn’t my fault, who is responsible for all these deaths I caused? You told me over and over again that it wasn’t me that killed them. I believed that. But then who is responsible for their deaths?!?”

Bride of the Water God_Episode 11_1
Hoo Ye fears of losing his human self

Nurse Yoo enters the clinic the next morning. The lights are on and the door is open. Is So Ah again early. He enters the office but is surprised by Habaek who has spent the night there. The two are bickering when So Ah and Yeom Mi walk in. Yeom Mi and Nurse Yoo wait outside as So Ah and Habaek have a talk. Both of them don’t like the idea of So Ah becoming closer to her strange neighbor. Meanwhile, So Ah is investigating why Habaek slept at her office. Is it because of the fight they had? Turns out Habaek didn’t want to leave because he couldn’t lock her office. He’s not so irresponsible to harm others with his actions. She should have given him the key, but if she apologizes he would let it go.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 11_2
How to confess Water God style

“I want to hold you in my arms and kiss you. I want you to be my first and my last. I want my mind to be filled with thoughts of you. When they overflow, I just want to just let them be. I want my jealousy to be justified, and I don’t want to feel guilty even after punching someone. But to do all of that, I must begin. Like you said, our predestined future won’t change, but may I…begin?”

2017-08-09 (10).png

Bi Ryeom is preparing fresh coffee. For none other than Moo Ra who stays at his apartment. What a surprise. But Moo Ra has other things in mind than romance. She’s going to follow Bi Ryeom and it’s not like she’s hiding it. She follows him to an arena where he runs his rounds, then to the gym where he trains and to a sauna. All while visibly annoyed by the young male fans approaching her. In the car, she finally attacks. She had enough and wants to know what’s going on. What does he want from the half – god? I want him to die is the simple answer. Simple it might be, but it upsets Moo Ra enough to cancel her complete schedule. Bi Ryeom will be night and day under her supervision from now on. Not that Bi Ryeom seems to mind. More like a wish came true.

Hoo Ye is still struggling with how to proceed. Joo Geol Rin told him to let So Ah in on his true identity, to take off some of his burden. But is it the right thing to do? Before he can come to a conclusion, Chairman Shin and his granddaughter Shin Ja Ya enter his office. Of course, it’s about the relocating of the resort and Chairman Shin’s own interest in it staying where it was planned to be. Hoo Ye, however, stays resilient. He won’t change his plans. Ja Ya again seeks out Secretary Min for dating advice. He still doesn’t believe her, which she is not picking up on, and tells her to stay quiet and behave normally.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 11_3
Habaek in his male feels.

Habaek calls Bi Ryeom. He wants to lose control. Human style. Bi Ryeom is delighted, whereas Moo Ra is worried. What happened that Habaek wants to lose control? And why didn’t he call her? Bi Ryeom, as always is more insightful. Habaek wants some bro time. He’s just a fill – in for Joo Dong. What will they do together? Something which didn’t work on him, Bi Ryeom answers, but might work on Habaek. But Moo Ra won’t let him go so easily. First, he has to promise that he won’t go anywhere near a certain someone. That being the half – god. Bi Ryeom agrees. Doesn’t he always listen to her? He tells her to visit the powder room. He prepared something to help her with her acting.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 11_5
For kissing practice…

Bi Ryeom and Habaek sit at the counter of the bar Bi Ryeom chose for Habaek’s first alcoholic experience. Habaek isn’t impressed. He remembers So ah crawling on the ground after too much to drink. But Bu Ryeom assures him that it’ll help him as he pours him the first drink. Bi Ryeom being Bi Ryeom starts talking about the reason why they are here: So Ah. To further agitate his future King, Bi Ryeom tells Habaek stories about his and So Ah’s student life and how she was very popular with other male students. Also how she refused his diamond ring as she felt it made her indebted to him. Which makes Habaek literally hit the bottle.

2017-08-09 (12).png
Only the best friends take care of you like this.

Bi Ryeom continues the filming of Habaek as he has a very important conversation with a mail box. A group of good for nothings approach Habaek and interrupt his conversation about cowardly women. They see Habaek as an easy target: drunk and in designer clothes he must have cash. Habaek belittles them.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 11_5
Bi Ryeom having the time of his life.

So Ah is still thinking about Habaek’s confession. No matter how she thinks about, saying no was the right decision. Nurse Yoo shushes her home. It’s already late. As she slowly walks to her home, Hoo Ye trails her. Should he tell her? Could a woman like her ever be his? So Ah receives a call from Nam Soo Ri. He can’t reach his master and he has to do another shift delivering chicken (with the surprising help of Yeom Mi). Could she make sure he is taken care off? So Ah agrees. Hoo Ye calls her next. So Ah is overplaying the events of yesterday by pretending she didn’t see anything. She apologizes for everything, including lying for Habaek’s apology and reschedules his appointment. Hoo Ye’s face is visibly relaxed after they disconnect.

My lord doesn’t need to work, he has me. – Nam Soo Ri, trusted servant

Yeom Mi came to help Nam Soo Ri with his work. But she’s actually interested in the whole cursing business. It always has to be mouth to mouth right? There is no other way. Nam Soo Ri is distressed and runs away from her. Slyly, Yeom Mi calls after him saying that she didn’t imply to do anything.

Bi Ryeom literally drops off a drunk Water God in So Ah’s arms. That’s it his duty is done. As he turns to leave, he suddenly stops and looks at her.

“If I were to ask you a favor. Should I ask you to make him stay or let him go? I can’t quite figure out how I really feel about it.”


“I should book a session with you one of these days.”

So Ah drags Habaek into her house. No way she can get him up to the roof top. As they take up the steps to the living room they fall. Habaek lands on top of her and she struggles to push him off of her. She is almost finished, she only has to push his arm away. That’s the moment Habaek decides to show that he’s not as wasted as he pretended to be. He pulls her closer. So Ah is surprised. Habaek continues by saying, that he won’t begin anything, so she shouldn’t worry. He wants just to stay a little longer like this.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 11_6
That hand placement though… or it’s just me and my dirty thoughts…

Mischievous Bi Ryeom enjoys the rest of his night by showing Moo Ra his videos. She still hasn’t figured out why Habaek is behaving like this. Unusually, he’s not telling her that So Ah is the reason for Habaek’s behavior. He instead reassures her. It’s just the pressure of becoming King decisively getting to him. Moo Ra is still worried and wondering what she could do for Habaek.

So Ah awakes in her own bed the next morning. She is alone. She runs out of her room and down the stairs into the living room. Habaek isn’t there. Sadness slowly xx on her face. Then she hears steps. It’s Habaek walking up the steps with a cup (his cup from the last episode) and a book in hand. He asks her why she’s standing like that in the living room before he turns on a CD with classical music. He behaves as if everything is normal and it’s every day like that. So Ah joins the improvisation of everyday life and declares to hang up the laundry. Habaek starts to read the book. So Ah is pestering him to read the first sentence. She always knows if she wants to read a book after the first sentence. Habaek finally gives in.

“How did we meet? One day, a butterfly flew like a petal and made a small flutter. How did we meet and end up here? The corner of the street where we exchanged our love in spring. It was a miracle. We slowly held hands as we walked down the street together. The dandelions beneath the telephone pole swayed brightly. How did we manage to walk past all those times together? Were we able to reach love because we walked past such lovable moments? I came to believe that there is no such thing as coincidence in love. In order to make to people fall in love with each other, I believe the universe calculates even the smallest of happenings, including the wind stroke of a butterfly. An inevitable miracle. I didn’t want to think that, we met by a mere coincidence.”

Bride of the Water God_Episode 11_7

So Ah hides her tears by taking the laundry inside. After she re-established her self-assured self, she presents Habaek with lunch – prepared by her. Habaek is naturally skeptical as So Ah hasn’t really proven herself as a cook. And he was correct. But there are more pressing things. Why did So Ah used to wear mini skirts and show off her legs (knowledge burned into his brain thanks to Bi Ryeom). What happened that she doesn’t look like freesias in the spring anymore? Also how many men were there? She must be pretty good at seduction then? So Ah counterattacks. There must have been countless women for his Highness as well? But Habaek would rather avoid the topic. So Ah lets it go and Habaek once again tells her, he’d greatly reimburse her if he’d had his powers. So Ah asks him what he would do for her, but she doesn’t like his examples (let her drink as much cold water as she wants to, apparently there are no fridges in water country). Instead, she tells him her own vision of things she’d like to have. Her perfect life. When she comes back from her day dream, Habaek is in the living room, reading. So Ah prepares iced Americano as a dessert for him. He tells her that if she had the servant’s tablet, it could grant her a wish. Her true wish. Sadly, he lost it when he arrived. So Ah scolds him, but Nam Soo Ri returns from his work and she decides that feeding him is more important. Nam Soo Ri discovers the cups, Habaek bought for So Ah.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 11_8

Confused, So Ah calls after Nam Soo Ri. Habaek tells her to let it go. Later he tries to give the omurice to Nam Soo Ri, but he decides to leave. Unconcerned, Habaek starts to fill his bath. So Ah proposes to go to the beach instead and have a picnic. They go shopping for gimbap ingredients (though Habaek would rather have a luxury picnic with salmon, avocado, and abalone) and then prepare the gimbap at home. Even here, So Ah fails miserably. Her gimbap is broken and unpleasant to look at. Habaek is displeased when he receives a call from Moo Ra. She is concerned about Habaek’s loss of control. She wants him to move in with her and Bi Ryeom. Be that as it may, Habaek isn’t even listening. His eyes are focused on So Ah and her terrible skills. He briefly tells Moo Ra about their plans and that they are preparing gimbap now. Before he hangs up, Moo Ra can hear him yell “not that broken gimbap”. Bewildered she tells Bi Ryeom about the call. He is charmed by the way Habaek is changing. He tells Moo Ra to get ready and go boxing together. He leaves her alone and she picks up his phone to watch yesterday’s videos. But there is one she hasn’t seen yet. It’s Habaek saying he wished he could stay in the human world for “her”. Now everything makes sense for Moo Ra. She drives to So Ah’s home.

Bride of the Water God_Episode 11_10


And that’s it for episode 11. Next time Moo Ra will finally share the true story about the servants of the gods. Habaek is a true romantic. And that scene reminded me of that scene in the “Goblin/Dokkaebi” where he waits for her and reads the “Physics of Love” One of those scenes I truly love and probably replayed a thousand times. But back to Habaek. Many great scenes. I like Habaek and So Ah best when they are bickering. That’s my favorite. I actually enjoy the bromance/anti-bromance between Habaek and Bi Ryeom. The more human Habaek becomes, the more Bi Ryeom likes him. He and Joo Dong are way more connected to the human world than Moo Ra. And they both enjoy it. Im Ju Hwan having his mental break down was perfect. But sadly, I just still can’t feel it. I think for me from the acting choice he went too far into the dark side. Before he was too goody – good, now he’s too Darth Vader. No 2nd lead syndrome. Confirmed Bi Ryeom/Gong Myung syndrome.

No 2nd lead syndrome. Confirmed Bi Ryeom/Gong Myung syndrome. What about you? Does anyone have 2nd lead syndrome? Let me know in the comments.

As always thanks for reading.

Your fellow drama-addict,



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