First Poster and Teaser for Live – Action Adaptation “Impossibility Defense” (literal title)

松坂桃李(C)宮月新・神崎裕也/集英社 2018「不能犯」製作委員会
Tori Matsuzaka (C) Arata Miyatsuki / Yuya Kanzaki/ Shueisha 2018 “Impossibility Defense” Production Team

On the 9th of August, the first poster and teaser were released for the movie “Impossibility Defense” which stars Tori Matsuzaka as the male lead. The movie will premiere on the 1st February of 2018.

The movie is an adaptation of the manga “Impossibility Defense” jap. 不能犯 (also sometimes called “Perfect Crime in the western world), which is a joint project of Arata Miyatsuki (writer) and Yuya Kanzaki (illustrator) and serialized in Grand Jump (Shueisha). The story focusses on the mysterious “Usobuki Tadashi” (Tori Matsuzaka), a man who will and can commit untraceable crimes with the power of suggestion and cleverly arranged events, free – of – charge. All you have to do is leave a message in a certain telephone booth at a certain park. Soon afterward he’s said to appear and confirm the target. No request is denied, no matter who or why. The one opposing “Tadashi Usobuki” is Tomoka Tada (Erika Sawajiri), a female detective who cannot be controlled by his powers.

Here is a first teaser of the movie:

Source: Modelpress


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