New Blockbuster Drama Based On Webtoon About Zombies “Dreamcide” announced

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(C) Shin Weol

Hit webtoon “Dreamcide” will be produced into a drama!

TV content production company, Monster Union, will be partnering with Asia’s top VFX Studio, Dexter Studio, to create a cinematic drama based on Hong Jung Hoon’s novel-turned-webtoon.

The story follows a high schooler who has the power to travel within a seven-year period. When a zombie apocalypse strikes, the hero tries to change the future in order to save the world.

The work had been praised for its Hollywood SF material, especially delving into topics of love, friendship, and humanism all in the midst of dealing with people who are desperate for survival. The web novel and webtoon together garnered a total of 1.4 million subscribers.

This project is receiving a lot of attention especially because of its production lineup. Director Kim Yong Hwa, known for “200 Pounds Beauty” and “Take Off” is participating in this work. Additionally, producer Kim Hong Sun, who is known for OCN’s “Voice” and tvN’s “Pied Piper,” will be joining the crew as well.

A source from “Dreamcide” said, “There are many top actors in consideration for this work. It will be pre-produced during the latter half of 2017, and shooting will commence in early 2018. We are aiming to air the show sometime in late 2018.”

Source: Soompi

This sounds like it’s going to be high quality. After “Kingdom” this is going to be the next big zombie themed drama.



    • Yes it seems so. We had a couple of great fantasy dramas this and last year. They seem to be on the rise or added to a drama to give it that special little something. As a horror movie fan, I love zombies. But to be honest, a lot of western produced tv – shows and movies, just don’t make me care for characters. “Train to Busan” made me cry like a baby. I have high hopes for this and “Kingdom”.


      • Train to Busan was amazing. Its the best zombie movie I have seen in along time. I would be satisfied if this could be even half as good.

        On a side note if you like zombie stuff, I would recommend a 7min short film called Cargo. It’s on youtube and I though it was nicely done. Its from Australia I believe. 🙂


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