Dong Ha and Chae Soo Bin in the Run as Leads for “I’m Not A Robot”

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Updated: I’ve previously stated that they were already announced as leads. Correct is that they were offered the roles.

On the 31 of August, it was officially announced that Chae Soo Bin and Dong Ha were offered the leads for the new MBC sci – fi rom – com “I’m Not A Robot”. The female lead was previously offered to Girls Day’s Minah, but on the 30 of August, an official from the broadcasting company declared that Minah declined the offer.

Dong Ha and Chae Soo Bin are actors which have been previously acknowledged by the public for their acting in different works and the expectations are already high. Dong Ha appeared in ‘3 Days’, ‘Beautiful Day’, ‘Glorious Temptation’ and ‘Suspicious Partner’.

Chae Soo Bin showed her acting in dramas such as ‘House of Bluebird’, ‘Love in the Moonlight’, ‘Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People’ and recently ‘Strongest Deliveryman’. It is expected that she and Dong Ha will show great chemistry in the drama.

“I’m Not A Robot” tells the story of a young man, who due to an allergy, never met a woman before and instead falls in love with a robot. The drama is scheduled to premiere in November, but due to the general strike, there might be a delay for this and other dramas.

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I’ll keep you updated on future developments.

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So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin Confirmed to Reunite on the Movie Screen

So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin will be reuniting onscreen after 16 years!

The film is called “I’m on My Way to Meet You” (working title) and also stars Kim Ji Hwan, Go Chang Suk, Lee Joon Hyuk, Son Yeo Eun, Lee Yoo Jin, Kim Hyun Soo, and Bae Yoo Ram. Filming began on August 12.

Based on the Japanese novel, “I’m on My Way to Meet You” is about a woman (Son Ye Jin) who before passing away makes a hard-to-believe promise to her husband (So Ji Sub) to return one year later on a rainy day. However, one year later, she does reappear in front of her husband and son, but with all her memories gone.

Child actor Kim Ji Hwan will be playing the son, while Lee Joon Hyuk plays one of So Ji Sub’s colleague. Go Chang Suk is playing So Ji Sub’s friend and this is the second time the two actors have worked together. Also, Son Ye Jin and So Ji Sub previously filmed the drama “Delicious Proposal” back in 2001.

The film is expected to be released sometime in 2018.

Source: Soompi

Male Lead for “I’m Not A Robot” Offered to Dong Ha

Dong Ha (C) Lee Seung Hyeon

Actor Dong Ha was offered the male lead in the new MBC drama “I’m not a Robot”. His company AND entertainment stated that they are currently discussing the project with Dong Ha.

“I’m not a Robot” is the upcoming project of director Jung Dae Yoon, who previously directed the 2016 hit “W – Two Worlds”. His newest project “I’m not a Robot” tells the story of a young man, who loves robots more than humans. Kim Seon Mi whose last drama was “Shine or Go Crazy” is in charge of the script.

Source: Tenasia

This drama is scheduled to air in October. Until then, I’ll keep you updated.


KBS2 Released a Making of Version Number 1 of “Manhole: Pil’s Wonderland”

KBS2 granted the viewers and fans of the time – slip rom – com “Manhole: Pil’s Wonderland” a look behind the scenes with hopefully the first of many more ‘Making of’s’. You don’t have to worry about spoilers, in my opinion, you’re fine as long you know the basic story of “Manhole”.It’s worth the watch even if you only ogle Kim Jae Joong…

Check it out for yourself!

For those interested, the song, in the beginning, is Kim Jae Joong’s “Breathing”. Hopefully, we’ll also be able to appreciate his voice for “Manhole”. PDnim, give him an OST song!

You can catch “Manhole: Pil’s Wonderland” every Thursday and Friday at 09:50 pm KST on KBS 2.

First Impression: “Manhole: Pil’s Wonderland” – Bong Pil the time traveling Cinderella

Hello and welcome to my initial impression for “Manhole: Pil’s Wonderland” starring Kim Jae Joong, UEE, Jung Hye Seong and Baro as the main cast! This time – slip rom – com premiered on August 9th. I’m a slow starter, just like Bong Pil as we’re already at episode 6, but this review will be based on the first 4 episodes.

This review is spoiler – free. Enjoy!

If you’ve seen the trailers for “Manhole: Pil’s Wonderland” then you know the producers and cast promised us one hell of a ride on the funky roller coaster. And they kept it. “Manhole” is on a constant sugar high, not scared of being different and most importantly freakishly entertaining. Bong Pil (Kim Jae Joong) is an obnoxious, but nonetheless lovable man-child, who has an attention span of a fruit fly, unless it involves Kang Soo Jin (UEE), neighbourhood beauty and love of his life. Shattering his world and future plans, she announces that she’s going to get married in 7 days. After unsuccessfully harassing his circle of friends for advice – their suggestions range from “killing the groom” to “shotgun wedding” – Pil receives assistance from a different corner of the universe and embarks on a journey he could have never imagined when he said, “I want to go back”.

“Manhole” plays with the butterfly effect in the best way. Rather than having Pil’s actions have an effect on the same timeline, he creates alternative universes, which will be reset at the strike of midnight, keeping the viewer wondering what kind of new future he created. Not only do his own looks, behaviours and life change through his ‘corrections’ of the past, he also changes the lives of the people around him and even his whole neighbourhood. It’s a joy to watch Kim Jae Joong as Bong Pil. He gets to play Pil, but also every new iteration of him. With something simple as changing his speech pattern, he creates a new Bong Pil. This really shows off Kim Jae Joong’s acting talent. I imagine he has as much fun playing his character/ characters, as I have watching him. Indeed, the whole cast does a wonderful job. From his parents – who have given up on their son long ago – to his colourful group of friends, the actors don’t hold back.

Writing, editing and acting: this drama is an absolute win – win situation for every viewer. It easily gets you hooked, with always new twists and turns, well thought out and hilarious characters and a simple idea which every one of us has entertained at least once in our lifetime. What if?

Have you already started watching Pil’s journey through time and hopefully into Soo Jin’s heart? Let me know in the comments below what you think.

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Pictures: 1st Kim Jae Joong’s Instagram, 2nd UEE’s Instagram

Actress Song Ji Hyun Joins Cast of SBS Plus Mini – Drama “Longing Heart”

신예 송지현, 미니 드라마 ‘애간장’ 캐스팅…강신희 역 변신
Song Ji Hyun (C) Popeye Entertainment

On the 29th of August, it was revealed that Song Ji Hyun will join the SBS mini drama “Longing Heart”. She will play Kang Shin Hee, the older sister of the male protagonist Kang Shin Woo (played by Lee Jung Shin).

“Longing Heart” is an adaptation of the same named webtoon. It’s a romantic time slip drama, whereas Kang Shin Woo (Lee Jung Shin) travels back in time to when he was a high school student. He meets his younger self (played by Seo Ji Hoon) and tries to fulfill his biggest wish. To be with his first love. The woman he couldn’t forget for the past 10 years: Han Ji Soo (Lee Yeol Eum).

Source: Sedaily

This mini drama is expected to air sometime in December. Until then, I’ll keep you updated.

Pre-viewing Thoughts: “Somehow 18”

Somehow 18-P1.jpg

Another day, another time – slip drama. “Somehow 18” (Korean title 어쩌다18) is a jTBC produced web drama. Let’s see what’s it about!


Oh Kyung Hwi (Choi Minho) is a resident in the orthopedics department. He gets transported back in time to when he was 18. Enduring his hellish high school days once again, he tries to save his first love Han Na Bi (Lee Yoo Bi).

Characters and Actors

Oh Kyung Hwi (Choi Minho)

“Somehow 18” jTBC/ Naver TV Cast

Oh Kyung Hwi is a 28 years old orthopedics resident at Baekje University hospital. He’s popular, charismatic and confident. But he wasn’t always like this. Back in high school, he was a loner and victim of bullying. He was close to committing suicide. Until one girl saved him. Han Na Bi. His first love. He never got over her suicide.

Choi Minho

Choi Minho might be best known as part of the idol group Shinee. He debuted as an actor in 2010 in KBS2’s drama special “Pianist”. Since then he has starred in multiple dramas such as “Salamander Guru and the Shadows”, “To the Beautiful You”, “Because it’s the First Time” and “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth”. He made his big screen debut with “Canola”.

Han Na Bi (Lee Yoo Bi)

“Somehow 18” (C) jTBC/ Naver TV Cast

Han Na Bi is a former classmate of Oh Kyung Hwi. She is the one who gave him the strength to endure the harassment, though she never knew. For unknown reasons, she committed suicide, when they were 18.

Lee Yoo Bi

Lee Yoo Bi began her career in the drama “Vampire Idol”. She later had supporting roles in dramas such as “The Innocent Man”, “Gu Family Book” and “Pinocchio”. Her first lead role was as Jo Yang Sun in “Scholar Who Walks the Night”, for which she received the “Best New Actress Award” (in a miniseries).

Choi Minho and Lee Yoo Bi at the press conference of “Somehow 18” (C) Kim Doo Hong


I don’t have any big expectation. Web dramas are always good as an in between snack. 15 minutes are easy and fast to digest, so I’ll definitely dig in.

“Somehow 18” will premiere on the 28th of August at 7:00 am KST on Naver TV Cast. Let me know in the comments below if you’re going to join Oh Kyung Hwi in his quest to save his first love.